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How Bola Tinubu got ex-beauty queen hooked on drugs – Gistlover



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Social media blog, Gistlover, has disclosed how All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, got a promising ex-beauty queen addicted to drugs.

Gistlover noted that the late ex-beauty queen later married a pastor but was too addicted to get off taking drugs.

“If not that it is not good to speak ill about the dead, a popular young beauty queen was also Amoda’s (Bola Tinubu) victim. That year after she did advert for Lux and Bola Tinubu saw her and he dated her that year. He gave her connection for lots of government event jobs and Lagos state government events job and it fetched her a fortune then. He introduced her to coke and that was what killed her, although she later left Amoda and was married to a pastor but the deed had been done. She was an addict before she left Bola Tinubu, a lot of popular Lagos big girls are also on these tables,” Gistlover said.

“The day this beauty queen died even the husband knew the major cause, its coke overdose, she fought so hard to stop the addiction then but it wasn’t easy for her, and it was Bola Tinubu that introduced the beauty queen to coke, he gave her lot of connections too and state jobs worth billions then. I didn’t mention any name because its not a good thing to talk about the dead but then the person that caused this addiction needs to be exposed so others can learn and be contented.


Continuing on its exposé, “Seyi Tinubu part of his father’s drug cartel, ruined many girls“, the social media blog said that Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus, pimps for Seyi Tinubu.

Gistlover had revealed how a promising fashion stylist, Lara, fell for Seyi Tinubu. The blog claimed that Lara fell off her professional path. “Now Lara got so addicted to coke that she stopped going for her already paid jobs, she was always seen with Seyi Tinubu at any of their organized orgies, a lot of people can confirm that she is still owing them,” Gistlover claimed.

Seyi Tinubu and Lara

Seyi Tinubu and Lara

“She is still owing them and never showed up, some she will collect or borrow from friends. She started selling her gadgets and stuffs to keep up. She gets it in maximum when she is with Seyi. She was the one that carried Akosa Queen and Mercy Eke to meet Seyi, although Seyi has his own official pimps, Eniola badmus is in charge of university girls under 20 and some of her colleagues, she is also in charge of the gays, because they don’t just bring girls, they bring young gay boys too.

“This explains why Eniola is everywhere trying to make friends with everyone, even this guy that always follow Bobrisky about, Eniola arranges young small boys for him and she gets paid heavily, this is why she spends money heavily at parties without doing any major job aside pimping. She knows there will always be orgies to organize and bring boys and girls. Seyi also have another pimp, those ones supply strictly half caste, the girl he got married to also knows this as the girl’s mother is also a high class prostitute, this is not even hidden.

“Even Seyi’s baby mama, Freda Francis was arranged for the orgies too before she decided to trap him with her pregnancy. A lot of your Snapchat slay queens are involved, a lot of them got introduced to coke by Seyi as it is part of the consent form they will sign before even coming in.

Gistlover added that, “So when Mercy Eke and Akosa Queen got there, they don’t do drugs but they had to, that is the rules. Mercy only smoked weed but Seyi instructed Lara to put any newbie through, this is why we have a lot of slay queen junkies scattered all over the place.


The blog then fingered Davido’s baby mama too. “Another popular customer is Sophia, that one and Seyi they always high on cocaine steady. Those days Seyi will invite Lara and Sophia and have threesome with signed agreement and recordings. Sophia is an on and off addict, immediately she got pregnant then she went missing off the scene. Those who know her then told Davido’s family and it was messy.

“They even collected their child from her so she doesn’t influence the little girl, after the whole saga she tried to stop it but you know addiction, Seyi has a lot of threesome recordings, Akosa and Mercy Eke’s own is there, Snapchat big girls own too, they all signed consent form and was aware but couldn’t resist because of the money involved.

“You see all of them shouting city boy up and down and you feel they don’t know the candidate they are hyping is not the good one, they do but they have no choice, to continue getting invited for the orgies and meeting the big big fish in the government they need to push for Amoda (Bola Tinubu), Seyi’s father, lot of them are damaged beyond repair with coke but got no choice.

“So for people crying and saying I spent much time on Amoda’s case I have summarized everything. You all think it’s easy, you sit behind keypads and talk nonsense, do this if it is easy. Now that’s a summary of APC presidential candidate popularly known as Bola Ahmed Tinubu but originally Amoda Ogunlere.”



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