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Seyi Tinubu part of his father’s drug cartel, ruined many girls – Gistlover



Seyi Tinubu and Lara

A social media blog, Gistlover, has claimed that Seyi Tinubu, son of All Progressives Congress, presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, is actively involved in his father’s drug cartel.

According to Gistlover, Seyi Tinubu is also a user of drugs and has ruined the life of many girls by proposing drugs to them during orgies and twosome.

In its latest exposé, Gistlover once again accused National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) of being complicit in Bola Tinubu’s drug business.

“There are a lot of atrocities committed by Amoda (Bola Tinubu), a lot and if NDLEA really wants to work I have given them names of the people to look into. E-money is the front man for Amoda’s cartel, E-money also has boys he trained. Abu Abel is in charge of how Loud circulates, Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince also has a stronghold in the drug empire and should be looked into, then Amoda their boss, if NDLEA really want to work.


“Now there is a saying that says, (omo ti eya ba bi, eya loma jor). Seyi Tinubu is Amoda’s right hand man, he is not his only son but I think his favorite son, If you have been following our story, Seyi is the son of the air hostess turned probably prophetess that Amoda impregnated those days.

“So it’s not Remi that gave birth to Seyi but they hide it from the public even to the extent of denying the lady to stand as the groom’s mum on Seyi’s wedding day, the mother was represented by Remi Tinubu.

Gistlover added that, “Seyi Tinubu is also one of the major player in the drug field and apart from being involved in the business he is also a great user and he lures girls to take it, they have several apartment they use for their orgy parties, mostly on the Island, lots of your favorite is on this table. Then Eniola Badmus pimps for him, he also has a pimp that supplies him non-Nigerian ladies.

“Then Seyi Tinubu has been ruining girls lives with coke (cocaine), even if you do use cocaine and you are there for threesome and orgy party, you must sniff and he knows how to threaten girls. There is one girl, her name is Lara, a good fashion stylist that has worked with several celebrities, till she was introduced to Seyi for twosome. They signed consent forms and all and she was asked to sniff coke. These girls will be made to go naked and they make a video of them while Seyi Tinubu will be sniffing to get to his maximum, before having sex with both of them or one of them, but he records the girls when he is having sex and you will be aware as you have your consent form signed and all that was stated there.

“Now Lara got so addicted to coke that she stopped going for her already paid jobs, she was always seen with Seyi Tinubu at any of their organized orgies, a lot of people can confirm that she is still owing them,” Gistlover claimed.


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