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VIDEO: Monkey consoles man having emotional breakdown




In an adorable video, a well-dressed monkey can be seen comforting a man who is having an emotional breakdown.

The video begins with a monkey sitting on a sofa with a man who seems to be having a mental breakdown. Further in the clip, when the man leans his head back and pretends to cry, the monkey signals him to lay his head on his lap and starts consoling him by patting his back.


Monkeys have often proved their intelligence and ability to understand emotions better in comparison to other animals. However, this video is yet another example of how compassionate they can be. Share on Twitter by user name ‘59.748 farklı hayvan’ the video has garnered more than 3.4 million views and tons of comments by netizens adoring the monkey’s act.

The caption in the post roughly translates to, “452- The monkey comforting his crying friend on his knee.”

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