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Ijanikin: Bedlam as hoodlums attack Lagos community



hoodlums attack ijanikin

Several individuals were hurt when hoodlums in Lagos State’s Ijanikin Community’s Ojo Local Government Area (LGA) launched violence on locals and commuters.

Activities at the Shoe/Bags and Textile Market were reportedly disturbed by the hoodlums, who were thought to be cultists. Trading participants ran for cover as a result.

They reportedly also stopped the Badagry Expressway, which halted traffic along that axis. Chaos allegedly broke out amid disagreements between two kings in the region.

One of the monarchs was reportedly preparing for his 15th anniversary, which infuriated his rival’s fans.


It was discovered that a reported assault of an Awori native by a masquerade taking part in the anniversary celebrations was a contributing factor in the issue.

The hoodlums, who were apparently carrying pistols, machetes, charms, and other deadly weapons, allegedly ordered cars to turn around, according to a driver who declined to provide his name.

He explained that drivers who tried to defy their directives were physically assaulted and had their cars vandalized.

The driver added that Ijanikin Division police officers were unable to control the situation. they turned back and entered their station.

Further information revealed that no less than three people had been slain in cult conflicts in Ijanikin and Oto.


Residents have protested the claimed assault on Chima Emmanuel by agents of the Ijanikin Division, in the meantime.

It was learned that Emmanuel suffered a brain injury unintentionally because a police officer whacked a commercial bike rider with a stick.

Emmanuel, who spoke from his hospital bed said: “I was travelling to the village for my in-law’s final burial. Because of traffic, I boarded a commercial bike from Agbara to Maza-Maza” when the incident occurred.

Police Spokesman, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, said while the investigation was ongoing concerning the assault on Emmanuel, “We are fully aware of the ongoing trouble at Ijanikin area of Lagos State.”









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