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Getafe appeal Mason Greenwood’s red card



Mason Greenwood shown a red card in game against Rayo Vellecano

Getafe appealed a straight red card issued to Mason Greenwood earlier this week after a fierce clash with Rayo Vallecano.

Greenwood was sent off in the 50th minute of Tuesday’s game against Rayo Vallecano, with his team already down to ten men and two goals down at home, for dissent.

The forward has been with Getafe since the summer transfer deadline day, when he arrived from Manchester United, and has developed into a vital player for the club.

However, he might face a lengthy suspension following his red card on Tuesday, after referee Jorge Figueroa Vasquez deemed his furious reaction to not earning a foul to be crossing the line, stating after the game that Greenwood had yelled ‘F*** you!’ to him.

According to Marca, the Spanish club is understood to have appealed the red card against their player and is anticipating a response soon while they await the verdict on his suspension.


A straight red for dissent, like the one Greenwood has already earned, may result in him missing a number of games, with a minimum of two for being rude to an official.

However, one instance of this contempt crossing the line occurred when Cristiano Ronaldo assaulted a referee after receiving two bookings, resulting in an additional four games suspended.

Greenwood might miss critical league matches against Osasuna, Grenada, and Real Madrid if he is down for an extended period of time.

“In the 50th minute, the player (12) Greenwood Mason Will John, was sent off for the following reason: for approaching me with a protest sign and raising his arm in the following terms: ‘F*** you,’ according to the official’s post-match report.


“Once sent off, he takes the finger to the temple, making a repeated gesture as a sign of disagreement with the decision made.”

Greenwood, on the other hand, claimed that this was not the case and that he had not said the swear term explicitly to the referee, as reported in Spanish.

After the game, Getafe manager Jose Bordalas stated that he had spoken with his charge, who presented a different account in asserting his innocence.

“The player told me that he said “don’t f*** with me,” only that,’ Bordalas said.


“It was in frustration, but at no point has he insulted anybody.

“It was a comment: “Don’t f*** with me; why won’t you blow the whistle?”

Greenwood was not the only one to see red in a hard-fought encounter earlier this week.

Juanmi Latasa was sent off for two yellow cards in the first half, while Damiarez was also issued a red card after 70 minutes, just a minute after leaving the field for a passionate protest to the referee’s assistant.


Jaime Mata will also be punished after receiving his fifth yellow card of the season.

Despite a possible pause in his growth this season due to suspension, Greenwood has put up respectable numbers for Getafe.

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