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Sani berates Nigerian security agencies in their ‘hopeless’ fight against terrorists



The much-anticipated World War 3 between Israel and Iran officially began on Saturday

Former Nigerian senator Shehu Sani has taken a swipe at the security agents in their fight against terrorism in the country.

Describing the Nigerian security agents as “hopeless” in their quest to bring insurgency to a stop, Sani noted that in countries like Chad, Niger, and Cameroon, security operatives are ”more serious and professional in the execution of their duties.”

Sani noted in a statement on his very X handle on Thursday that the inability of the security agents to quell insurgency and promptly rescue kidnapped victims, families of kidnapped victims are left with no choice but to pay ransoms.

The senator who represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District noted that the ineptitude of the security agents to rescue kidnapped victims leaves families of hostages in a dilemma.

He said, “If ransom is not paid to kidnappers, the lives of the hostages are at risk. If ransom is paid to kidnappers, it encourages other kidnappers to abduct more and makes the business of kidnapping more lucrative.


“Families of the victims of kidnappings will do anything to get their loved ones released in the event of the helplessness and hopelessness of the security agencies.

“Why are there no kidnappings for ransom in Benin Republic, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon? Because their security agencies are more serious and professional in the execution of their duties.”

Furthermore, Sani called for the investigation and arrest of influencial and affluent Nigerians who he alleged were sponsor kidnappers in the country.

According to Sani, “the puzzle we are yet to solve is that the foot soldiers who kidnap people and receive ransom in hundreds of millions remain poor and look wretched whenever they are arrested.

“They are mostly in their teens and twenties.


”There is no evidence of wealth or comfort in their lives or even the clothes they wear.”

“The question is: who are the ultimate beneficiaries of these huge sums of money and who supplies them with the weapons they use for their acts of criminality?” Sani asked.

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