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‘Masturbation is killing me’, Nigerian man cries for help



Nigerian man cries out for help to stop masturbation

A Nigerian man simply identified as M. Nnaji has called for help over his masturbation addiction.

In a post on his verified X handle on Tuesday, Nnaji noted that his self-pleasuring addiction is affecting his health and daily activities.

According to Nnaji, he said, “I can masturbate 3 to 5 times a day. I need help.”

Nnaji also added that quitting the act has become difficult because he watches p@rn a lot. He added that masturbation is gradually killing him on the inside.

“Stopping p@rn has been my problem. And I can’t leave the smartphone. Secretly, I’m dying inside of me,” he said.


Adding that he felt “relieved for speaking out,” the addict noted that the addiction has affected his sexual health, making him unable to maintain an erect!on during sexual intercourse.

“I have fasted and prayed because of this.

“I want to stop it. I don’t maintain an erect!on when I’m with a woman.”

Furthermore, Nnaji expressed his fears about getting married because of how the addiction has affected his sexual health.


“I’ll tell you this. It affects my erect!on, so I’m afraid of marriage.

“I always feel guilty after it,” he added.

Reacting to Nnaji’s plea for help, Nigerians urged him to stay away from pornography and seek professional help.

An X user, simply identified as Big Olu, advised him, saying, “Stop watching p@rn! Occupy your mind with productive things like reading books, going outside, and playing football. It’s okay to masturbate, but excessive masturbation is a problem. Pray. Good luck.”


Cepheid also added, “Stop watching p@rn, listen to music often, and keep yourself busy. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

Aolak advised Nnaji when he said, “Always avoid being alone. Please always make sure you are around someone all the time; don’t give yourself privacy until you are sure of controlling yourself. Stop watching p@rn.”

While another X user applauded his courage for coming out seeking help, he urged Nnaji to get professional help and an “accountability coach.”

“Big ups to you for coming out to admit this. I’ll also advise you to get an accountability coach, like a close friend or brother, who can watch your progress. Someone you answer to when they ask if you failed or passed each day,” he said.


Recounting his personal experience with masturbation, Reece Houseboy on X notes that he is “facing the same thing, but mine is just once or twice daily. I want to start going out more so I’m not alone in the house most days. I’m going to start a tech class soon to get busy.”

Another netizen simply identified as UX Guy, advised Nnaji to quit the habit gradually.

“Don’t try to go for one month straight or more. You’ll fail and blame yourself. So take it a day at a time. Each 24 hours won is a victory. And mark your calendar to watch your progress.

“Steadily keep increasing the number of winning days each week, and you’ll steadily improve,” he said.


Buttressing UX Guy’s point, Pharizz, while recounting his personal experience, said, “I was once like you, determined to stop it.

“Take gradual steps, like starting to do it once a day.

“Once a week. Once a month.

“You can’t stop addiction immediately, no matter what.”


Also, Morlana, another X user, notes, “Start by reducing how many times you masturbate in a day.

“Five times is much. Start twice a day for a week, then move to once a day.

“Then move to twice a week. Once you feel the urge, play music, dance it off, or walk out, stroll out. Don’t be alone, then move to once a week.”

Some others urged him to seek spiritual help in a bid to overcome his masturbation addiction.


“You do need help. Only God can help you. Focus on God, and he will help you. Any other option is a waste of time,” Emmy King noted.

For Bae Amaka, she said, “Call on God and avoid idleness. Have strong faith, and you will get cured.”

Urging him to take a more spiritual part in healing from masturbation, Collins Weglobe advised him to “pray and fast from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“Focus your prayers on restoration. Declare yourself free from every spirit of masturbation, and command this spirit to leave your body.


“Specifically, command it to exit through vomiting.

“Additionally, read Psalm 51 and ask the Holy Spirit to take control of your body.

“When you’ve completed this and experienced total restoration, feel free to thank me.”

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