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Lagos is full of anger, frustration – Olufunmilola



APC appoints Sanwo-Olu (Lagos), Uzodimma, others zonal coordinators

A Nigerian lady, simply identified as Olufunmilola, has alleged that Lagos State is full of anger and frustration.

Olufunmilola, in a statement on her verified X handle, noted that because of the frustration in Lagos State, most people are always angry.

Affirming her belief in “terrirorial spirits”, she noted that she was forced to leave the state due to the ‘toxic’ “anger and frustration” that characterises the ‘Centre of Excellence.’

She wrote, “I’m a strong believer in territorial spirits. You can feel it in the air once you step into a country, city, or state.

“The UK is grey, dull, and heavy with a spirit of depression. For Lagos, it’s anger and frustration.”


Her statement, which has since gone viral, drew the attention of Nigerians.

Reacting to Olufunmilola’s claims, Abiasogu David noted that “she’s partially right, albeit not entirely.

“For context, territorial spirits are often referred to as national angels or demons who rule over certain territories in the world. This is mostly a Christian concept and isn’t believed by atheists, traditionalists, or people of other faiths.

“That said, the lady claiming that territorial spirits exist may be an expression of superstition. Ascribing certain unique behaviours or idiosyncrasies of people from a particular area to some manipulation by’ spiritual beings’ may just be superstitious.


“That of Lagos, for example, is purely man-made. A lot of human factors contribute to the ‘anger and frustration’ Lagosians face. They could include exhausting traffic, rush life, hardship, a poor environment, grinding for survival, etc.”

Speaking based on personal experience, Marvellous Israel stated, “I don’t think she’s wrong. I can’t agree less, especially with Lagos frustration. See with my eye.”

For Richeee on X, in his reaction, he argued that the economic situation of the country is enough to frustrate and make one angry.

“Once you are in Nigeria, it’s normal to get angry. The first thing you see in Nigeria can make you angry, because the country is not working.


“So if you are angry in Lagos, it’s normal because everybody in Nigeria is angry. Leave territorial spirits and work on the main issue.”

Supporting her claims, Emma Ofem opined that “the anger (in Lagos State) is not small. Everything is angry in Lagos.

While some, like Seun Johnson, argue that “one thing must frustrate you in Lagos; if it’s not traffic or noise, there will be no electricity,” Okechukwu Oji stated that “once you step into Lagos, the air that greets you is filled with hostility and anger.”

For Dede, he stated that living in Lagos state mandates one to “regulate” his or her mood.


“If you don’t make a deliberate effort to regulate your mood, you’ll be in default anger and frustration,” Dede said.

For Uvana Kevin, he argued that “even if you succeed in regulating your mood, you get to interact and deal with angry and frustrated people almost everywhere.

Kevin added that “street/market folks are straight up angry, while co-workers in a corporate environment are passively angry. It’s a horrible town.”

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