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Iran carries out death sentence on four Israeli spies



Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iran executed four people on Monday, alleging they were involved in an Israeli espionage operation, after the Supreme Court dismissed their appeal, the country’s official television reported.

The defendants were accused of unlawfully entering Persian territory from Iraq’s Kurdistan area to carry out a bombing operation in an Isfahan-based facility that manufactures equipment for Iran’s Ministry of Defence.

According to the claims, their operation was planned for the summer of 2022 on behalf of Israel’s Mossad but was thwarted by the country’s intelligence.

The West Asian country and Israel have long been adversaries, and they are currently at odds over Persia’s nuclear project.

Israel accuses Persia of supporting militant assaults against it, while Persia claims Israel has killed a number of Iranian officials and scientists. Israel does not confirm or deny such actions.

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