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Tribal war begins as Omokri praises Yoruba people while condemning Northerners



Tribal war begins as Omokri praises Yoruba people while condemning Northerners
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An online tribal war between Nigerians has begun following Remo Omokri’s extolling of the Yoruba people while condemning Northerners.

Chronicle NG reports that the former presidential aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, in a statement on his X page on Wednesday, while condemning the North for being too “aggressive,”  praised the Yoruba for being “such a cultured and refined people. A reflection of class and breeding.”

Omokri made the remarks while comparing the attitude of the Northerners in responding to criticisms against ex-president Muhammadu Buhari to that of the Yoruba when reacting to backlashes aimed at President Bola Tinubu.

According to Omokri, “for eight years of General Buhari’s misrule, too many of our northern brothers defended him rather aggressively and would not tolerate any criticism of the then President. To attack him was often perceived as attacking Arewa.”

However, he noted that unlike the Northerners, “when you criticize President Tinubu, his kith and kin from the Southwest take a different approach.”


He added that “Even when they politically disagree with you, the Yoruba will still kill you with respect. Why won’t you love them?”

His statement has since generated heated debate between Nigerians.

Reacting to Omokri’s statement, an X handle identified as Nigerian Patroit noted, “You’re correct. The attacks we see today on the person of the president and his government were totally ignored by the north, except for the opposition, which also threaded with caution.

“The Yoruba are a people to admire, but a lot of them don’t understand what’s going on.”

For Ariori Lateef Oyedeji, he argued that the “Yoruba are more tolerant, disciplined, and intelligent to reply to you at appropriate times.


“We know they go home and seek feedback. When we kneel acutely, we are standing. We do say that ‘they think we are nonentity’.”

Ituma Sunny urged the Igbos to take a leaf from the books of the Yoruba, saying, “Just wish my Igbo brothers and sisters would learn from the Yorubas.

“But they will feel they are too big and too important to learn from others. That is why they hardly get it right in politics.”

Speaking from a personal experience, Wutan Daji supported Omokri’s claims.


He said, “You are a very correct man. Even when I vehemently disagree with you, I still love how you handle issues.

“But I will like you to carry out an unblocking operation. There are many who have to learn. Please give it a second chance. Let us all learn from you.”

Also, Anne supported Omokri’s argument when she said, “I believe you on this very topic. I was born in the North and spent a great part of my life there. You know how they behave when you want to criticize theirs.”

Reacting to Omokri’s statement, Kelechi on X noted that “According to what you’ve said, honestly, what some of the Yorubas are doing is no different from what the Northerners were doing during Buhari’s tenure as president.


“The evidence is not far-fetched; they’re on Twitter here.”

Reacting to Kelechi’s statement, Gideon Farotimi accused him of cyberbullying, citing the fact that a man of his own ethnic extraction, Peter Obi, did not emerge victorious at the 2023 presidential polls.

“Kelechi, what are your Igbo people doing?”  he said. “Cyber bullying because their Kingman didn’t emerge,” he added.

For Olusegun Komolafe, he questioned, “What were they doing that the northerners did during those weak 8 years of Buhari?”


“You claimed the Yorubas voted for him, and when the economy was becoming hard, the Yorubas called him out and condemned some of his principles. Would northerners have done that? Even though I’m obedient,” he added.

Berating the Yoruba for allegedly having no political tact, Kingsley Ndubisi said, “Yoruba has always made poor political decisions in electing credible leaders.

“They brought Late Buhari, and now Thiefnubu. Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

For Opeoluwa Jamiu, he argued that the Yoruba are hypocritical. He noted that their loyalty ends where benefits stop.


“Don’t be deceived by the respect; it’s not sincere. Hypocrites to the highest extent. Don’t forget the betrayal that often comes afterwards.

“An average Yoruba person will respectfully defend you when they’re benefiting until you disappoint them, then they plot behind you.”

In the same vein, Oluwadamilola Bande-Mathews argued that the Yoruba are “not foolishly loyal.” He noted that they are quick to betray those who trust them.

“I hope you know that Yorubas can deceive you with respect. Yorubas are not foolishly loyal; you’ll be highly disrespected at the slightest opportunity,” he said.


For Netanwa, he argued that “the Yoruba they told me about is different from the ones I met in Lagos.

“These guys just have respect for themselves, their Alfa, and their Alajah.

“But for outsiders, they will insult the hell out of you. They are bad-mouthed.”

While Antony Okafor stated, “In a multicultural society like Nigeria with unassailable unprecedented ethnic diversity, We need to be transparent in our dealings with each other, not always being miandic like Yorubas, Penel Nze called for a political change when he said, “Nigeria can never survive with this high level of tribalism.”

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