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Nigerians blast FS Yusuf, calls influencer a ‘hypocrite’



Nigerians blast FS Yusuf, calls influencer a 'hypocrite'
FS Yusuf

FS Yusuf, a popular social media influencer and an apologist of Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate in the 2023 presidential election, has suffered severe criticism from Nigerians over alleged “anti-party activities.”

The staunch supporter and campaigner for Obi was also described as hypocritical for “accepting bribes to promote what he kicked against in the past.”

The Edo state-born influencer was also berated for supporting PDP candidate Asue Ighodalo over Barr. Olumide Akpata of the Labour Party, a move many described as ‘anti-party’.

In a statement on his verified X handle, written in pidgin English, Yusuf wrote, “Why do I not charge $300k for Twitter Space when Rice Man has already paid you and the two men that went with you to his house to collect the money for his campaign?”

Responding to Yusuf, Aare Ayodeji berated him for being hypocritical.


Ayodeji wrote, “So this dude was on my business during the last election when I took my stand on the state election. @FS_Yusuf_, now you know you have a state and an identity, but you called people like me bigots for having the same stand.

“Bro, you are a hypocrite, but I am not pained; I just feel sorry for some numskull idiot Yoruba that listened and followed you at the detriment of their identity, which you are protecting now.”

Enyola stated in her response that the influencer has lost relevance following his outburst.

“FS Yusuf, You may loosely spill all. Nobody takes you seriously henceforth. The odd movement made you (whatever you think you are) wonder whether you benefited from the cash or not.

“It was never about Obi or the country. The movie has different expiration dates for different people; yours was yesterday,” Enyiola said.


For De Best, an X handler, in his response to Yusuf, he said, “I thought you think before you make decisions, but now I just noticed that you make decisions before thinking. Bro. Have some shame.”

While Ugo on X berated him for having no “dignity,” Jonah stated, “You can’t win this fight. You lack strategy. So, 300k is your problem?”

Calling on fellow Obidients to sever ties with Yusuf, Eze Nnamdi described him as a “demonic snake.”

Obidients kindly unfollow and block this Fs Yusuf bleaching cream guy. Let us send him to the dustbin of history,” Nnamdi said.


“Henceforth, don’t engage his tweets. Render him useless like the Cashivist Deji’s, Omojunwa’s, and the useless Reno of this Twitter street. A bleaching demonic snake, he added.

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