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Nigerians blast Seyi Tinubu for urging citizens to ‘endure hardship’



Nigerians boo Seyi Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu’s son, Seyi Tinubu, has come under severe criticism after his call for support for his father generated a heated response from Nigerians. 

Seyi, in a statement on his verified Instagram handle on Monday, urged Nigerians to endure the hardship being experienced all over the country.

While stating his unwavering support for the president, Seyi using a hashtag, noted that, “our generation will yield the fruits of this hardship.”

Quoting the president, Seyi wrote, “There is no joy in seeing people of the nation shoulder burdens that should have been shed years ago.

“I wish today’s difficulties did not exist. But we must endure if we are to reach the good side of our future.”


Reacting to Seyi’s call for Nigerians to endure the hardship being faced under his father’s administration, Omotayo of Lagos noted that it is only expected for him to support his father because, unlike the average Nigerian, he is not facing the brunt of the hardship.

She wrote, “Is he also enduring? Things like this are easier said when you are in your luxurious apartment eating what you like with a constant power supply.”

Supporting Omotayo’s claims, Agaba noted that “the masses will endure while they eat fat. There was a country.”

Another Nigerian, simply identified as Lagos Cinematographer, urges Seyi to advise his father to resign from his position as president rather than urge people to “endure hardship.”

He wrote, “When there’s a wound, you stop the bleeding first, then proceed on healing, which of course may take time.


“Nigeria is bleeding. If you’re unsure what to do, tell your dad to step down and let someone else take charge.”

Noting that Seyi speaks thus because “His generation may never be poor again at the expense of the masses,” a man simply identified on X as Kamal noted that the president’s son made the statement while “typing from chilled AC and a wel fed stomach.”

For Lawal Olabisi, he argued that “there is no hope the way your father is running the country.”

In its reaction, an X user with the handle Citizens of Ethical Governance opined that “Your Father is the weapon fashioned against the people of Nigeria.


“Very insensitive with a touch of rascality in spending. All his policies are anti-people; who is he ruling?”

Eunice Vince urged him to speak to his father about the hardships being faced by Nigerians, saying Tinubu should bring back fuel subsidy.

“Let him tell his father to undo what he has done to us Nigerians by bringing back subsidy, ” she said. “Because we, the masses, are the ones getting affected,” she added.

Speaking on the fuel subsidy removal, Cyril Onyekachi stated that “Bola Tinubu should have utilised the subsidy money to caution its effects rather than sharing amongst these corrupt and greedy governors.”


Dav Zico, in his reaction, claimed Tinubu is clueless about solving the problem of the country because “there’s no actual plan on the ground; everything the government does is tried by error.

“A president who has plans won’t just come on national television and shout that the fuel subsidy is gone when he knows that the subsidy was removed by the previous administration.”

Adewale Olanike opined that “this was the same thing Yemi Osibanjo and Adesina said in Buhari‘s tenure, but nothing changed. If there’s going to be a change, we will start seeing it from the very little things, then till it spreads out all over Nigeria.”

Okafor noted that Seyi is in no place to advise Nigerians to endure hardship, something he has never experienced.


“How I wish you knew what suffering and hardship are all about. But no, you haven’t seen or sensed it, and there’s no way you can tell what an average person in Nigeria is going through at the moment.”

Buttressing Okafor’s point, another Nigerian argued that “you’re not feeling the heat and the cost of things in the market, so I don’t expect anything different from you.”

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