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Daughter hits father’s ‘bum bum’ playfully in viral video, Nigerians react



Daughter hits father's 'bum bum' playfully in viral video, Nigerians react

A now viral “lovey dovey” video between a father and his daughter has drawn mixed reactions from netizens on X.

In the viral video, which was captioned ‘when your dad is your guy’ and posted by Instablog9ja, a yet-to-be-identified daughter was seen telling her father to turn while she spanked him repeatedly.
The man can be seen all smiles while his daughter, who was dressed in a white gown while holding a bouquet,spanked his buttocks.
Reacting to the video, Sunshi9 said, “I think there should be limits to the relationship between parents and children, mostly of the opposite sex.
“Daughters often seek their fathers in their partners.”
While Laardeey questioned if he is her father of sugar daddy, Noah noted that it is a “good family; it seems like a happy family.”
However, he added, “But I still think there should be limits and boundaries, especially when dealing with the opposite sex.”
“Imagine if it were the other way around; we go don open mouth waaa… but e good if na woman” he said.
Furthermore, Keshi NG questioned if there is no incest relationship between them when he said in pidgin, “Una sure say this people no dey do?”
Supporting Keshi’s claims, Pablo-Akp said, “Be like them and sleep with each other because, WTF?”
For Only1vida, he asked if the father would be allowed to spank the daughter in the same vein when he said, “Shay, the father can do the same as family, wey dem be?”
While Abel berated the child, calling her a “yeye child”, Rongee, speaking in pidgin, said, “Na the spanking, I no understand sha.”
Drawing further condemnation, Ezinne noted, “That bum hit wasn’t needed now.”
For Ishaq, he said, “This is absolutely wrong. How can a daughter be touching her father’s ass?.”
While a cross section of Nigerians disagreed with the reactions of these lot, Legendrizz said, I love this kind of perenting.”
He further described the father-daughter relationship as “frriendship at its best.”
While Nonyelu Iloka, Prudence, and Gathy described the daughters acts as  “beautiful, Nony noted, “That’s daddy’s girl right there.”
While another Tweep, Abayomi Oyeleye, called the act a “sweet” act, Sylvester Ovat noted, “What a cordial relationship.”
Despite the backlashes, another Tweep prayed for such a “lovey-dovey” relationship between him and his kids.
“The kind relationship I want to build with my wife and kids” he said.
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