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Betty Akeredolu: Nigerians blast widow over tribute to late governor



The corpse of the late former Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, has arrived in Nigeria.

Nigerians have expressed their dissatisfaction with the tribute written by Betty Akeredolu, the widow of the late governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu.

Chronicle NG reports that Mrs. Akeredolu, in her tribute to her late husband, lamented that he has left her to face all manner of mockers.

The bereaved wife, who stated that the love she shared with her late husband was the cynosure of hate, noted that she was disliked for being Igbo.

“They are infuriated that a Yoruba man can love his wife, who is Igbo,” Mrs. Akeredolu said.

She, however, noted that their love survived all the huddles, despite the backlash from naysayers.


Her tribute, which has been sent to social media, has attracted mixed reactions from Nigerians.

Reacting to the former first lady’s tribute to her late husband, an X user simply identified as Zizi berated Mrs. Akeredolu for “fighting imaginary enemies” and for bringing “tribalism” into the tribute.

Zizi said, “Is this a joke? This woman is still fighting imaginary enemies, even after her husband’s death.

“She even brought tribalism into her husband’s tribute. This can’t be true.”

Also, Mummy Iris on X backlashed the bereaved widow, saying, “No intimacy, no feeling, so this is supposed to be a tribute from a caring wife? How I wish Aketi could read this. Betty is fighting imaginary enemies.”


Reacting, Adebayo called the tribute by Aketi’s widow a “total disrespect” to the deceased. He alleged that the deceased governor did not enjoy his marriage.

“It simply showed the man endured the relationship throughout his lifetime due to his love for the woman and his immediate family. That was a total disregard, disrespect, and embarrassment to the spirit of the departed,” Adebayo said.

Calling the tribute “terrible,” Adegoke Toluwalase wrote, “Nonsense. How did that man cope with her if she could write all this? She doesn’t need all that she writes. She is peppering some people on her husband’s funeral day. It’s terrible.”

Accusing the bereaved of being a member of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Adenimpe Miriam, in her reaction, said, “That woman is truly upon Igbo. I will keep saying this: they are vengeful and malicious.


“Imagine the kind of venom she would have spilled into the hearts of her children.

“Those children will grow up becoming hateful towards the Yorubas, just like Chinedu Gbabode.”

For Asake Mijimi, she notes, “Betty’s tribute will make Akeredolu groan even in his grave.

“This reminds me of what Speed Darlington said about Igbo women.


“How can you be so callous, unforgiving, and unloving even in your tribute to your husband?”

While Ifeoluwa Davies and Abe Don Weez accused the ex-first lady of being “petty,” another X user asserted that “it’s not hard to conclude that Betty is the type of woman that ruins the essence of inter-ethnic marriages.”

Despite the backlash, Nnayelugo Eluka asserted that “Betty Akeredolu must have written this from a position of pain and anger. I hope she heals.

“The casual Igbophobia must have gotten to her, especially when she watches what people say about her.”


Applauding the love Akeredolu had for his wife, Ada Nwachinemelu stated, “I said it before, and I’ll say it again: the late Governor Aketi Akeredolu is not a man to be manipulated by any woman.

“He was just a man who truly loved his wife and vice versa, but his Yoruba brethren hated Betty because she was Igbo.”

Oluwatimilehin Kolade, in his reaction, opined that “Mrs. Betty Akeredolu‘s tribute to her husband demonstrates the depth of their love; they created perfection out of imperfection.

“Her tribute has excellent insights for those who are open-minded. Marital interlopers shouldn’t teach couples how to express love to themselves.”

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