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‘Loosed woman’, Nigerians blast Aisha Yesufu over threat to insult mothers



Aisha Yesufu, a sociopolitical activist, has warned of a more damaging protest than the 2020 statewide 'End SARS' demonstration.

Nigerian activist, businesswoman, and politician, Aisha Yesufu, has again become the centerpiece of backlash over her threat to insult the mothers of trolls who criticize her. 

The renowned activist was subjected to online criticism for attempting to insult the mother of anyone who trolls her.

The threat comes on the heels of the backlash that Aisha, the staunch support of Peter Obi suffered recently at the hands of Nigerians.

The renowned activist known for being vociferous over issues of national concern noted that she’s a mother of a 25-year-old, and as such, she will not be engaged in a war of words with trolls in her son’s “WhatsApp group,” a euphemism for age grade.

Vowing to bring the mothers of trolls into any backlash she receives, Aisha states, “My son will be 25 later this month. When you come to insult me, I will bring your mother into the conversation because she is the one I am in the same WhatsApp group with.”


Responding to Aisha’s threat, Doctor Easah on X noted that she criticizes President Bola Tinubu and former President Muhammadu Buhari, yet complains when the same treatment is meted out to her.

“But you can insult Buhari and Tinubu, who are about 30 years older, daily in the name of activism. You deserve all the insults you get,” he said.

“But you insult people who are older than you regularly. You can’t take what you dish out,” Jax Talker stated on X.

In his reaction, Alh Owolabi JP notes, “If I insult you and you bring up my mother, I will insult your grandmother because I still love you.”

Referring to the proverbial “kettle calling a pot black, Chinedu Wokocha argued that because she has a 25-year-old son, he doesn’t place her on the same pedestal as his mother.


“What of all the insults you have rendered to PBAT and Buhari? Did any of them bring your mother into it?

“Kettle calling the Pot black. You can’t even take what you dish out regularly.

“Because you have a 25-year-old son, that does not mean you and my mother are in the same WhatsApp group,” Wokocha said.

Calling her a disgrace to her family, Voice of Hausa accused her of collecting financial inducements to campaign for Peter Obi, the candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 presidential election.


“That’s why it will forever be a disgrace to your family the way you danced during the campaign like a mad woman because of money,” Voice of Hausa notes.

Calling her “loosed,”  Dalcon Shaniyi compared her to girls in Mushin, Lagos State, who he alleges are full of “gutter and foul language.”

“Just 25? Will that innocent son be happy reading or seeing one blasting his mom the way you blast other moms?

“Why can’t you leave out family issues and respect women and motherhood? You are too loose when it comes to having regard for other people’s privacy. Only Mushin girls do this,” Shaniyi wrote.


“Is your 24-year-old son aware of all the nuisances you’ve been constituting here? I’m sure he’d be disappointed, especially with your dancing video,” Shonibare Ridwan Omotayo wrote.

Urging Aisha to take a leaf from the tenets of Islam that she practices, Laycon Tete advised, “Your religion and upbringing say a lot about you, Aisha Yesufu.

“If you respect your parents, you won’t insult other people’s mothers when they didn’t steal money like you.

“Your religion teaches the importance of respecting people’s parents. If you respect yourself enough, people won’t insult you.”

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