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No right-thinking woman should obey her husband totally – Deborah Ogodo



Nigerians react to Deborah's assertion about a woman's obedience to her husband

A Nigerian lady has drawn the attention of social media users to her assertion about a woman’s total obedience to her husband.

Deborah Ogodo-Sambo, In a social media post on Meta (Facebook), she said, “No right-thinking woman should obey her husband at 100%.”

Reacting to Deborah’s assertion about a woman’s obedience to her husband.

Soorich Soonen Akough wrote, “The essence of the message is true, but your presentation is poor.

“But as a woman, if you say you’ll obey your husband 100%, hmm, your name is sorry.


“For me, I had to get to the point where I took some decisions without listening to him, and it’s paying off today. He never understood why I had to do some things, and he discouraged me, but I did them regardless. I’d have been very, very far if I started taking firm stands long ago, but no, wahala sha, still we move!”

Kenneth Efeh said, “There is a huge difference between obedience and assertiveness. A wise woman who is married to a reasonable man can obey her husband 100% and still not lose her voice in the marriage.

“After all, marriage is teamwork between soulmates. In fact, the more you obey a man, the more likely you are to “control” him and sustain peace and harmony. This is what most women don’t know. They assume that being rebellious will make their voices heard. This doesn’t work. It only leads to chaos.

“The moment a man perceives any rebellious move from his wife, she loses his love. Therefore, if you are wise and smart and wish to keep your marriage, learn the art of stooping to conquer.”


Emperor Gabriel Ogbonna opined, “All those arguing with this, if, as a woman, your husband says you should put your hand inside fire, are you to obey that?

“Does marriage remove your brain?

Marriage is a partnership, with your husband being the senior partner. He is not your slave master.”

Felicia Agwa said, “I know what is good for my family, but overobedience is a scam. If obeying my husband 100% will give me peace, so be it.”

Peace of mind is a healthy tonic; you see things going smoothly. As we pray, we will be seeing results.”


Emomazino Annie Eruvie said, “Me, I go obey my own till my last breath. Do what works for you.”

Valentina Chinelo opined that the word “obey” makes it look like slavery; why not say “agree”? No one agrees 100% all the time, because human beings are not perfect, and neither is the husband man.”

Nathaniel Onuah told Deborah, “Save this advice; you’ll need it for your son’s daughter-in-law later in the future. “When your son brings his wife home to visit you, tell her that, as a right-thinking woman, she should not obey her husband (your son) 100%.”

Abdul Laslim claims, “Any woman who obeys her husband 100% is not his wife but his younger sister.


“You mustn’t obey every one of my commands just because you’re my wife. Sometimes, you need to challenge me, but make sure you know where to cut the line.

“Show me you’re intelligent too, take that bold step and make sure your decision favours our home, because we vow to build our home together.

“We do everything together, he concluded.

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