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DNA: Nigerians urge FG to make paternity fraud punishable by law



The microchip will be used for growing multiple strands of DNA in parallel

Nigerians have clamored for the federal government to make DNA paternity fraud cases punishable under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Nigerians made the declaration while reacting to the rising cases of DNA paternity fraud ravaging the country.

In a series of statements on X, Nigerians noted that paternity fraud should be treated like other fraudulent practices that carry jail terms.

According to an X user identified as a Bambulu man, he stated that “Paternity fraud is the only fraud in the world that goes unpunished by law, and this is because it is perpetrated by women.”

“Paternity fraud is a criminal offense and should be treated as such,” he added.


For Nnamdi Jude, he noted that paternity fraud is evil and, as such, should carry punishments.

“How evil can a woman be to consciously see you sacrifice a lot for a child or children that aren’t yours?

“Like, how can you be so evil to watch the scene where the child calls your husband ‘Father’ and you know sure well the man isn’t the child’s father and yet stomach it? Such a woman is nothing but evil,” Jude argues.

“A serious punishment is what the world needs: losing 90 percent of her wealth (that’s if she even gets it) to the man, for he has spent a lot and finally send her to prison,” an X user identified as Hashtagtweets states.

Eze Tobech urged the Federal Government to make the punishment for paternity fraud 20 years imprisonment.


“Paternity fraud should be at least 20 years behind bars. How can someone treat someone like a fool?” he wrote.

“Paternity fraud should be punished by law. A woman caught cheating is a dangerous woman,” Seun Bayo notes.

Calling it the worst kind of fraud, Tonia stated that the culprits should be imprisoned. ”Paternity fraud is the worst form of fraud. Anyone who commits paternity fraud should be jailed.”

Equating paternity fraud with murder, Ayomilekan urged the National Assembly to make the punishment for paternity fraud capital.


“I sometimes wish the lawmakers could pass it into law that if any woman did such a thing to her man, the man would have the right to do whatever he likes to the woman, maybe kill her or anything at all because for a woman to do like this, she is nothing but murder.

“For a woman to comfortably act like your wife and still have another man outside, it shows she can kill you if she sees the opportunity to do so,” Ayomilekan opines.

Buttressing Ayomilekan’s arguments, Nwokesonye Chimezie also noted that “paternity fraud should carry a heavy punishment, say 20 years imprisonment or a N50 million fine, or both.
Such a criminal offense deserves capital punishment.”

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