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Timaya suffers backlash over new song ‘dey your dey’



Timaya the Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa

Nigerian dance hall singer Inetimi Alfred Timaya Odon, better known by his stage name Timaya, has suffered backlashes from netizens over his music career.

A lady, who simply identified herself as Ikwerre Girl of Pitakwa on X, took to the popular networking site to berate Timaya over the source of his recent songs.

In a statement on X on Monday, she said, “Na Rivers State band/songs dey sustain Timaya career. Timaya na dey main ori na crisis,” she added.

Her comment comes on the heels of the self-acclaimed Eberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa’s new singles, titled ‘Dey your dey.’ A song allegedly composed by the Rivers State Music Band.

The 43-year-old singer is also famous for making a hit song out of the popular ‘As e dey sweet us, e dey pain dem’ song composed by the Rivers State Band and made famous by the former Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, who danced to the song.


Reacting to the statement, Kurt Cowell said, “I thought I was the only one that noticed something like that, but it’s Timaya, so it doesn’t matter.”

Christopher Chukwuebuka Udoji, accused the ‘dem mama’ crooner of plagiarism when he said, “He lacks songs now. Plagiarized Wike’s songs. Now also plagiarized Dey your Dey street song. He is slowly fading.”

Another netizen, Boyki Jacobson, further berated the Bayelsa-born singer for failing to give “accolades” to those from whom he gets his songs.

Speaking in Pidgin, Jacobson said, “And he will not give accolades to the people who first sing the song. Later na him go still come Bayelsa com dey shout nobody help him career.”

Despite the backlashes, Ogon Asueya Vanessa noted that Timaya’s songs are always inspirational to her.


She said, “That is your concern. Timaya remains an inspiration to me. All his songs are inspirational to me.”

Bacchus Agbor noted how successful Timaya’s music career has been. He said, “Timaya is big in Lagos here and in the world at large. Na de girl dey take her local Port Harcourt eyes dey look am.”

Furthermore, Kojo Pende Solomon, while speaking in Pidgin, said, “Dude, never try? 15+ years of making Nigeria dance, wetin you (Ikwerre Girl of Pitakwa) and your family dun don do for us?”

Calling the talks nonsensical, Beckson Arnold Ebiegberi noted, “Smelling talk. You see someone who is inspired by his surroundings, and you’re saying rubbish. At least you can relate to the song.”


Others noted that despite the backlashes, the Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa is earning money from his recent songs.

Excel Nwamama said, “As long as he is making money out of it, he is better than your (Ikwerre Girl of Pitakwa) father.”

David Nsiegbe, said, “Timaya dey cash out you (Ikwerre Girl of Pitakwa) dey complain.

“It’s called grace. Rivers State politics dey give am free songs; baba dey take advantage. After all, he is still a Port Harcourt boy.”


Timaya’s ‘dey your dey’, which is currently enjoying airplay in Nigeria, urges people to ‘mind their businesses.’

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