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Daniel Regha blasts Very Dark Man says VDM ‘doesn’t stand for anything’



Daniel Regha blasts Very Dark Man says VDM 'doesn't stand for anything'
Social media critic Daniel Regha

Popular Nigerian social media influencer Deniel Regha has disclosed that he is not a troll who attacks people intentionally.

In an interview on Ebuka’s ‘Rubbin minds’ on Sunday, Regha, who is famous for giving backlash to celebrities and politicians, among others, noted that he only gives constructive criticism.

When asked if he was a troll, Regha said, “I’m not a troll. Definitely not.”

“Because I do not come to people’s comment sections or tweet at them, saying, ‘Oh, you’re a fool, this person is bigger than this person. This person is crazy.

“I do not kind of troll people. What I actually do is, when I read certain things from certain people, like celebrities, regular influencers, or regular internet users, and I feel like I have an opinion, I just put it out there.


“That’s why I usually say, ‘No offence, no shades, because I do not want it to be like I’m coming from a place of hate.”

Regha added that most of his opinions are backed up with “facts.”

Regha also berated popular social media critic, Very Dark Man, VDM, who stated that while he speaks from an uncompromised point of view, VDM cannot make the same claims.

He noted that he does not have to wait for people to give him “cheques” before he makes his opinion known.

“We are not the same,”  he said. “I speak from an uncompromised point of view. I do not need people to pay me attention or do something for me, like say something.


“I do not know if VDM stands for anything in particular because I think there was a time he said there were some celebrities he couldn’t call out based on certain things. I do not know why.

“I do not like it when people say he is like Blackman or Blackman is like him. He’s doing his thing, and I’m doing mine.

“But the difference between him and me, I think, is that he is taking the influencing thing as a full-time job.”

Regha added that while he cannot engage in war of words with people, recording videos just to fight and berate those who do not share the same beliefs as he does, VDM engages in such ‘unwise’ unhealthy practices.

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