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Aisha Yesufu blasts pastor, calls cleric ‘demented’



Aisha Yesufu, a sociopolitical activist, has warned of a more damaging protest than the 2020 statewide 'End SARS' demonstration.

Nigerian activist, businesswoman, and politician Aisha Yesufu has taken a pastor to the gutters after the cleric berated her dance video. 

The cleric, simply identified as Pastor Marvy, also condemned Aisha for criticizing the now-viral picture of the governor of Niger State, Mohammed Umar Bago, kneeling to greet President Bola Tinubu.

Call the Peter Obi apologist a “hypocrite,” the cleric states in his submission, “Your own Islam didn’t forbid you dancing like an imbecile in hijab but forbids Gov. Bago greeting with respect that you don’t have.

“You have played politics to the point of hypocritical exhaustion. Now, you identify as a clown.”

Responding to the troll, Aisha, who has vowed to berate the mothers of her trolls, called pastor Marvy “a demented person whose brain stopped developing after” the age of two.


“You exactly made my point. The fact that I am a Muslim and dance in hijab doesn’t mean that Islam allows dancing in hijab.

“That’s Aisha dancing in hijab, just as you being a husband who behaves like a demented person whose brain stopped developing after age two and constantly throwing tantrums on people’s timelines and defending people who see him as a subhuman being used as a slave. That’s your thing.

“Do you now understand, or would you like me to explain one sentence at a time so the brain you have used as bread can understand?,” Aisha stated.

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