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Nigerians laud Buhari’s administration for improved electricity



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Nigerians have praised the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for improving the power situation, with many citizens describing it as a huge step in the right direction.

Reacting to the constant power supply experienced across the country, many citizens took to social media to state their happiness as the 2023 presidential election campaign began across the country.

Nigerians commend Buhari for electricity

Citizens explained how they have been experiencing uninterrupted power supply despite the heavy rainfall, especially in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

To garner feedback on the power situation, the Ikeja Electric Company wrote on its Twitter account, “In one word, how is the power supply in your area?”, to which Wizchy replied, “Please take the light, I don taya.”


Raphael Ifeanyi also echoed the same sentiments. “Abeg take am small, I don taya to dey buy units.

Nigerians commend Buhari for electricity

For Bashir Aliyu Limanci the experience is unprecedented. In a Facebook post, he wrote, “Electricity supply in Nigeria has never been that stable for almost two decades. For the first time in my adult life, my home has been enjoying an uninterrupted power supply for two weeks. The streak is likely to continue since rainfall no longer leads to the disruption of supply.”

Nigerians commend Buhari for electricity

Jerry Koko Durojaiye, @kokomatic also tweeted “Is Buhari trying to force electricity supply on us in Nigeria? This uninterrupted power supply is suspicious. @SERAPNigeria please help us sue the president over this matter.”

For some consumers, the electricity has greatly improved and their generators have been inactive. “Omo electricity has improved, I have not turned on my generator in weeks. It seems APC wants to campaign with electricity because I honestly don’t understand this. I like it sha,” Eze Udene Umunri @AdannaPapa tweeted.


Nigerians commend Buhari for electricity

Martins Ezea said, “E Be like say na Electricity, APC wan use do campaign because I no understand the stability these days.”

Savage Gentleman @Fel Steve also has a similar experience. “E be like say na electricity, APC wan use do campaign because I no understand the stability these days.”

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