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Nigerians blast Adeboye over ‘naira will bounce back’ prophecy



God is yet to reveal Nigeria’s next President – Adeboye

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, has suffered backlash from a cross-section of Nigerians over his prophecy on the Naira-Dollar exchange rate.

Prior to this, Adeboye had prophesied that the “Naira will bounce back against the US Dollar.” However, with the dwindling of the value of the naira against the dollar, Nigerians on X dragged the renowned cleric for what they alleged to be “fake prophecies.”

Popular social media critic Daniel Regha, while commenting on the prophecy and the turn of events in the exchange market, questioned the veracity of the cleric’s statement on his verified X handle.

According to Regha, he asked, “Didn’t Pastor Adeboye say that ‘Naira will bounce back, stronger than the dollar, soon’, it’s been more than five months now, but the prophecy or prediction is yet to come to pass.”

The statement, which attracted comments from Nigerians, had social media users dragging the popular cleric into filth.


Reacting to the statement from the social media critic, Faith Suzy alleged that the cleric works for the ruling All Progressive Congress.

She stated that while Adeboye was vociferous in criticising the administration of former president Goodluck Jonathan, he has remained silent during President Bola Tinubu’s.

She said, “Don’t mind Pastor Adeboye; he’s an APC pastorpreneur; he was very vocal during Jonathan’s tenure. Now his mouth has been sealed up.”

For Alfred Marsh, he rained curses on the Cleric in his reaction to Regha’s statement when he accused the ‘Man of God’ of fraud.

He said, “Pastor Adeboye is not a pastor but a caricature, playing politics and deceiving the audience. It will not be better for him and his members. Inshallah.”


For Adeyemi Adekola, he urged the public not to believe anything the cleric says. He noted that the cleric is just second-guessing.

Speaking partly in English and in Pidgin, he said, “U sef dey believe person wey say he follow God drink tea? That man did not get any prophecy. He’s just guessing.”

Buttressing Adekola’s argument, a man simply identified on X as Still Agba, noted that Adeboye “is still drinking tea with Jesus. When they are done, Naira will drop.”

For Our Grandpa on X, he asked clerics to steer clear of the miry waters of Nigeria’s politics. “I don’t know why those people can’t just keep quiet about Nigeria,” he said. “Nigeria’s case is bigger than all this prophecy,” he added.


For the Mayor of Ozubulu, he said, “Pastors need to understand that they are humans and entitled to their own opinion. They shouldn’t be misleading people with what God said. Anyways, let’s watch; it’s still early to conclude.”

While Darwin’s Fury alleged that “these pastors are part of the problems we have in Nigeria”, Prince alleged that the Cleric “was just after his offerings.”

In her reaction, Rita Sunshine on X noted that Adeboye should not be taken seriously because he is just like other pastors who deceive their “gullible” and unsuspecting followers.

“When your pastor says you are covered with the blood of Jesus but uses mobile policemen as security. When your pastor owns a university 60% of his church members cannot afford it!


“When your pastor owns a fleet of private jets and exotic cars and keeps preaching to you to sow bountifully and have faith. When your pastor claims to have the keys to the gate of hell but does not have the one to heaven,” she noted.

For Daniel Afola, he urged Nigerians to jettison such prophecies from these “men of God” and channel their energy into constructive efforts that would grow the economy.

“Why waste time believing in such predictions from pastors about the naira becoming stronger than the dollar?” Afola asked.

“Instead of relying on false hope, let’s channel our energy into constructive efforts to improve the economy.


“It’s time to hold our government accountable and ask the right questions.

“After all, we can’t expect divine intervention to solve our economic challenges. Believing in these predictions is a risk we shouldn’t take. Let’s focus on tangible actions for real change,” he added.

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