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Indomie: Nigerians lament as noodle sells for over N10,000



Indomie: Nigerians lament as noodle sells for over N10,000

Amid the rising cost of food items in the country, Nigerians have lamented over the astronomical increase in the price of Indomie instant noodles.

Indomie, a brand of instant noodles produced by the Indonesian company Indofood, has over the years been a quick solution to hunger for Nigerians owing to its affordability and ease of preparation.

However, the price of the commodity today, has left Nigerians to look for other quick solutions to curb hunger.

A pack of the product, which went for as little as N60 during the administration of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, now sells for as much as N350 under the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Tinubu.

The development has caused lamentation among Nigerians on social media.


Speaking on the increase in the price of the commodity, Omotara Lawrence lamented, “Buying a carton of Indomie for almost N20,000 is crazy. As in, our very own Indomie.”

Victor stated that the price of a carton of instant noodles, which was sold at N3,600 six months ago, now sells at over N13,000 depending on the state and location.

Calling the instant noodle “our savior,”  Vera Alfred berated President Bola Tinubu over the increase in the price of the commodity.

Speaking in Pidgin, she said, “Them don’t finally take our savior away. Thank you, Tinubu.”


While Olarinde Inioluwa lamented, “In fact, we bought it for 10,800 yesterday,” she complained, “The craziest thing is that I bought it for my mom, and when I was coming back from work, I decided to buy another one, and I bought it for N17,000. Imagine the difference.”

In her reaction to the price of the commodity, Ololade Olowo said, “Indomie used to be the most basic and easiest food to afford. A carton of indomie is 10,500.”

Calling the hike in the price a “bad dream,”  Tobi Jubril complained, saying, “A pack of indomie is now $12,500. Someone should wake me up from this bad dream.”

Dammy complained, saying students, who used to be the largest consumers of the product, can no longer afford it.

“Indomie used to be student food, but now even middle-class people struggle to afford it,” Dammy stated.


For a man simply identified on X as Ilemona, he accused the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, of bastardizing the economy.

Ilemona said, “We don’t talk enough about how a carton of small instant noodle is now N12,500 or how the Super Pack is now N17,500?

“If I’m not mistaken, they cost N3,500 and N8,000 less than a year ago. The thing blows my mind. APC is a curse.”

“The cost of Indomie is becoming a problem; the super pack sells for 700, while the small pack is currently 500. The carton of Indomie is currently 20k. I pity the kids of this regime,” Asonye Queen noted.


For a lady simply identified as Success, she said, “I bought Indomie at the price of N9,000 four weeks ago and bought it again at the price of N12,000 two weeks ago. You won’t believe the current price is 18500.”

For many others, they lamented that the “Genz” generation, colloquially called the “indomie generation” in Nigerian parlance, could not afford to buy the commodity.

“The Indomie generation cannot even afford the Indomie again,” Racheal argued.

While Nigerians lamented over the cost of the commodity, Ahmed on X argued that despite the hike in the price, Nigerians still buy the product at a cheaper price compared to those in the UK.


Ahmed said, “A carton of this Indomie is around £15, which equals over £31k. So you see that it’s way cheaper in Nigeria.”

He further urged Nigerians to “stop putting our president and a genius in a bad light. May Nigeria succeed,” Ahmed added.

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