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‘Emilokan is clueless’, Nigerians blast Tinubu over economic hardship



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‘Emilokan is clueless’, are some of the words of Nigerians who have taken to social media to berate President Bola Tinubu over the hyperinflation, dwindling of the value of the naira, and nationwide insecurity in the country.

Reacting to the economic hardship bedevilling the nation, Nigerians voiced their frustration at the president, noting that during the 2023 election campaign period, he, Tinubu, cried “emilokan (it is my turn)” despite being “clueless” in solving the problems affecting the nation.

Reacting to the economic hardship in the country, a man simply identified on X as Oladeyforyou stated that Nigerians cannot suffer at the expense of Tinubu’s “selfishness.”

“Wait first, Tinubu is Jagaban in what sef?

“This man was overhyped. Emilokan without plans is tantamount to renewed hopelessness. Alaye return the mandate to whoever owns it.


“Nigerians can’t suffer because of their own selfish interests. OBIdients did everything to prevent your emergence, but INEC and the Supreme Court played a smart one,” he said.

For Tosin Olugbenga, he opined that despite their political will to get into power, Nigerian leaders show a high level of clulessness when in office.

“Blame everyone except Tinubu, who was crying in Abeokuta Emilokan.

“Blame everyone except Buhari, who cried when he was obtaining his form.

“People will cry to be elected and get to power to become clueless. At least we have two examples already.”


Beratting those who allegedly sold their votes to elect Tinubu into office, Saint Dozzi said, “To those that collected money to support and vote for APC and Tinubu, I hope the money is still helping now?

“Peter Obi who you say you’ll teach a lesson is sipping his tea and watching you become the lesson.”

For Oseloka Obaze, he urged Tinubu to stop the blaming of his predecessor over Nigeria’s woes.

He said, “Saying Buhari’s APC administration is responsible for Nigeria’s present problems is akin to saying, I shot the Sherrif, but I didn’t shoot his deputy, while holding a smoking gun in your hands.”


In his reaction, Babatunde stated, “I am a Yoruba man; we warned people before the election, but still some were still bent on voting because of ethnicity.

“I am not protesting; enjoy your Yoruba man. When you get to the petrol station, tell them you are an emilokan fan and get your own fuel cheaper.”

The economic hardship in the country has reportedly led to sketches of protests in Niger State and Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

Despite the cost of living in the country, the high cost of government maintains its status.


This formed the basis of Real Victor’s argument when he said, “If this government does not cut the cost of governance, they do not care about Nigerians.

“The unimaginable amount spent on financing their luxury can be directed towards the plight of Nigerians.

“Nobody is more Nigerian than any Nigerian!”

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