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Nigerians ask Bayo Adelabu to resign over epileptic electricity



NERC hiked the electricity tariff for customers under the B and A classifications

Aggrieved Nigerians have called for the immediate resignation of the Minister of Power, Bayo Adelabu, over the constant lack of electricity supply nationwide as the unbearable heat, couple with economic hardship continues to dampen hopes.

Citizens have been thrown into darkness when the national grid recorded its first collapse in February, 4, 2024.

Women stormed the office of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED) on February 6th, protesting the prolonged power outage in Rivers State.

Chronicle NG reports on how citizens reacted to the poor electricity trend.

Adelabu suggested that Nigeria switch to a fully cost-reflective tariff


“A call for the immediate resignation of Minister for Power, Bayo Adelabu,” Ayo FBI launched a campaign to petition the former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Ayo made his stand on the reason for the petition, which has garnered 41 signatures as of the time of filing this report. “The inconsistent supply of electricity in Nigeria has become a personal nightmare for many, including myself. Foods purchased at high cost are getting damaged in freezers, businesses can no longer power their equipment for the smooth running of their operations, hospitals are unable to power life support devices, and insecurity is at an all-time high as a result of total blackouts and so on. These issues have escalated beyond mere inconveniences; they’re now threatening our livelihoods and safety!


He added that “the epileptic and almost nonexistent power supply not only affects households but also hampers economic growth. Businesses face increased operational costs as they resort to expensive alternatives like diesel-powered generators. The healthcare sector suffers too; unreliable power puts lives at risk when critical equipment fails.”.

Duke of Akoko wrote that, “It is my firm belief that the time has come for Bayo Adelabu to consider stepping down from his role as Minister of Power. The state of electricity in Nigeria has deteriorated significantly, and the lack of tangible solutions is deeply concerning. As Nigerians, we are weary of enduring hardship while putting on a facade of contentment.

He added, “I appeal for urgent and lasting solutions to be implemented to address the power crisis plaguing our nation. It is imperative that decisive action be taken to alleviate the suffering of the Nigerian people and restore confidence in the power sector.”

“Bayo Adelabu has to be the most incompetent personality I have ever seen in this life. As bad as the Buhari government is, electricity was never this bad under his minister. I sincerely want to know the criteria and parameters they use in appointing these people. Omotayo questioned his competence.”


“In a sane country, that man called Bayo Adelabu would have lost his job. How can you be totally stiff and unproductive?

“Your tenure has thrown the whole country into darkness, and nothing has come out of your mouth. We used to have at least 15 hours of power supply daily. It’s now four in two days; Big Tems was displeased.”

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