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How to play Merrybet online




In Nigeria, you can use all betting sites from this full list. However, it will be hard for you to find an online bookmaker more diverse than Merrybet. This online bookie has established itself as one of the best choices for regular Nigerian punters. One can make a case for that mainly due to the easy user interface which the site offers. Aside from that, Merrybet which was founded in 2013 offers lots of competition among users as well as live betting options on the site. 

One of the most common questions after opening a Merrybet account is how to play on the leading betting site. The online bookmaker allows wagering on different kinds of sports on their betting platform. Whether it’s football, basketball, tennis or others, you will be able to wager on one of the best live betting sites.

After learning how to open a Merrybet account, you will learn how to fund your account and start wagering on the site. Aside from that, you will also learn about the different options available for you to withdraw your earnings from the site. That’s not all, this article will also give some tips on betting on the leading betting site.

How to register a Merrybet account

Merrybet registration is a very easy procedure. You can register your Merrybet account through mobile registration or a desktop site. New punters should worry no more as these steps will serve as a guide on how to register on Merrybet online. The steps to follow are:

  1. Visit the Merrybet website 
  2. Click on “Register” on the top right corner of the homepage. 
  3. A form will pop up on the screen where you should fill in your info.
  4. Create a username and password then fill in your personal information:- full name, date of birth, location and email address. 
  5. The final step is to drag the ‘I am not a robot’ button to the left to turn it green from red. Registration will be completed after hitting the “Register” button at the end of the filled-in form.

NOTE: Ensure that you are 18 years of age or above. Read through the Terms and Conditions of the site to be on the safer side. This helps you to understand what is required of you as a registered member of Merrybet.

How to deposit and withdraw in Merrybet 

There are various deposit and withdrawal methods available to bettors on the Merrybet platform. Merrybet has provided punters with quick and easy methods to make deposits into their accounts and also withdraw from their winnings, either full cash out or partial cash out. There are a few steps users are expected to follow to make a deposit to or withdraw from their Merrybet account. 

Merrybet has various deposit options to make it easy for customers to fund their Merrybet accounts. The various options through which punters can easily make deposits to their account are:


Bettors can make deposits to their Merrybet account via this method by making use of Quickteller, an ATM or by signing in to Punters will be required to provide their Customer ID and bank card when using this deposit method. 

 The following steps will put bettors through this deposit method:

  1. Bettors should insert their bank cards into the ATM and then provide their PIN. 
  2. Select “Quickteller” then click on “paybills”
  3. Click on “others”. Select an option that suits your interest from the drop list.
  4. Provide your Customer ID and verify the recipient’s name.
  5. Click on “accept amount due”.
  6. Input your phone number with which you’ll receive a confirmation message. 
  7. Click on “proceed”. The fund will appear in your account instantly.

Perfect Money

Perfect Money is an international online payment system whereby online users can receive funds and also pay through them. It is excellent for internet users and business owners. Bettors will need to open an account with Perfect Money and be logged into the account to be eligible to access this deposit method. This deposit method is available to all Merrybet users.

Bank funding

This is a deposit method on the Merrybet platform whereby customers make deposits to their Merrybet account from their local bank accounts. Punters must log in to their site to deposit Bank Funding. Customers are to tender required details and provide the necessary bank details to successfully deposit funds to their Merrybet account.

Paydirect Nigeria funding

Punters who use the Pay direct deposit method will be able to deposit funds into their Merrybet account right away from any local bank. To successfully credit your Merrybet account, you must follow the instructions on the deposit slip, which are as follows:

  1. Fill in the deposit slip correctly by entering the following details:
    • Account name: Paydirect Merrybet Gold.
    • Account Number: Your(Punter’s) Merrybet Customer ID.
    • Name of Beneficiary: Account Name on Merrybet.
  2. Submit the deposit slip to the bank attendant.
  3. Your Merrybet account will be credited and the Cashier will give a receipt.

Merrybet Zenith Bank XPath funding 

Merrybet made sure it offered its users a wide range of options to fund their wallets with Zenith BankXpath being another option. All a customer has to do is to go to any Zenith Bank branch and inform the bank attendant that you’d like to make use of Zenith XPath to your Merrybet account. Fill the deposit slip with the details below:

  • Name of the Account: MerryBet Gold Limited
  • Title of Beneficiary: Username
  • Account Number:1130064490

Give the bank attendant your deposit slip and provide the following details:

  • Login identification: Customer ID
  • User Login: Username
  • Type of Transaction: Customer Deposit

Your transaction will be processed after you complete the aforementioned procedures.

There are methods that customers are allowed to use to make withdrawals from their Merrybet account and they are:

  1. Bank Payout
  2. Instant Payout
  3. PerfectMoney

The easiest and most popular one is the Bank Payout where your funds will be deposited directly to your bank account. To successfully withdraw funds, punters must follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your Merrybet account with the login details tendered upon registration
  2. At the upper part of the website, select “Payout”.
  3. Type in your bank details and the amount you want to withdraw from your Merrybet account.
  4. Transaction will be processed. Your withdrawal will be granted after verification and a payout will be made.

What can I bet on the Merrybet account? 

There are enough betting offers available to punters to stake their bet on in Merrybet. Bettors can either play single or accumulator wagers on Merrybet. The latter is more common among punters as it gives punters a way to explore different sports or competitions in one bet. Accumulator wagers also give bettors a chance of winning big with high odds.

Here, we’ll enlighten you on the different types of games available at Merrybet for you to put your stake. Merrybet has enough categories of sport for Punters to explore. They are: 

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Beach Volley
  • Futsal
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

What are some tips to play Merrybet?

Merrybet stands out amongst other bookmakers as they have different features. The bookmaker offers a live betting option on their site which allows punters to wager on games as they happen. Aside from that, Merrybet offers a cashout option on their site. Here, punters can make some profits or reduce their losses before the game is even over.

The cashout option allows either partial or full where the bettor can decide to remove some profits before the event is over or even remove all of it. Colossal jackpots are another special feature on Merrybet which allows bettors to win prizes by predicting the results of some games. 

That aside, there are various competitions and promos offered by the bookmaker such as: 

Merrybet Punters League is a seasonal sports betting tournament organised by Merrybet for customers on the online platform. Registered customers should place a minimum stake of N200 on an accumulated bet with two or more games. The minimum odds for each accumulated game must be 1.2 odds.

Merrybet Predict and Win promo is based on jackpots with over 100 million Naira to be won by dropping Merrybet prediction. Punters are expected to guess correctly at least 8 out of 10 given football games. 


Bettors can make use of these various competitions to win as well aside from the regular wagering on the site. It’s advisable to be familiar with the cashout option to opt out at any time.

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