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Female presidential aspirant vows to fix Nigeria in six months



Female aspirant fix Nigeria
Uju Ken-Ohanenye

Uju Ken-Ohanenye, APC’s female presidential aspirant, has promised to transform Nigeria in six months if elected president in the 2023 presidential elections.

Ms Ken-Ohanenye disclosed this on Wednesday in Abuja while receiving an award presented to her by Anambra women, under the aegis of Nzuko Umuada Anambra Advancement Int’l Initiative (NUAAII).

The presidential hopeful noted that male leaders who had ruled the country in the past and are still ruling tried their best. She stressed that it was time to put a female president in place to fix the country in a better way.

According to her, what Nigeria needs now is a woman’s input in the administration of the country.

“Countries are different. We cannot copy the Western countries. As this country is today, we need a woman’s touch and within six months you will see the difference,” said Ms Ken-Ohanenye.


The APC presidential aspirant added that Nigeria would need a woman who could manage its national affairs, a reason she aspired to be the next president.

“This is one of the reasons I decided to come on board after seeing things and I know within myself what I can do to get things right,” stated Ms Ken-Ohanenye. “I am also encouraging other women to come out. I am very proud of those already there.”

She also mentioned that the number of women seeking the party’s 2023 tickets was few. In her view, there is the need for more women to seek elective political positions.

She urged women not to continue to sit back and watch children, men and women dying.


Ms Ken-Ohanenye appealed to leaders of political parties and delegates to support female aspirants during the primary elections.

“I am appealing to the delegates that for once in our lives, let us take out selfishness and greed. Let us keep them aside and think about the future of this country and our children,” stressed Ms Ken-Ohanenye. “To address issues of insecurity, banditry and kidnapping in the country, all we need to do is get our youths engaged and involved in governance and get them busy.”

Asked if she would step down for any aspirant, Ms Ken-Ohanenye said she had not considered it.




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