Monday, August 3, 2020
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What we know about London Bridge attack – Police

Two victims of a knife attack at London Bridge have died, police have confirmed. Three others have been injured and are currently being treated...

Nigerian preacher gets £2,500 compensation after arrest

Nigerian preacher Oluwole Ilesanmi halted from expressing his Christian views and driven four miles away by police as been awarded £2,500 for wrongful arrest.

MIRACLE! Pregnant woman stabbed to death, baby survives

  A woman who was stabbed to death while she was about eight months pregnant has been named as Kelly Mary Fauvrelle. The 26-year-old was pronounced...

Nigeria Instagram love rat threatens to share naked selfies of married...

A Nigerian scammer who poses as David Williams on Instagram has threatened to share naked selfies of Gail Astin, married mother-of-two from Jedburgh, Scotland

How Nigerian gangs make millions from stolen ‘UK used’ phones

Nigerian crime lords are making millions from mobile phones stolen on the streets of Britain by moped gangs. Mobile phones snatched from pedestrians are advertised...