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Nigerians blast Israel DMW over curses on ex-wife



Israel DMW, Davido's aide announces marriage crash

Davido’s logistics aide, Israel Afeare, popularly called Israel DMW, has rained curses on his estranged wife, Sheila Courage. 

In a statement on his Instagram page on Tuesday, Israel DMW rained curses on Sheila, his ex-wife, accusing her mother of orchestrating the crash of his marriage to her daughter.

According to Israel DMW, his former mother-in-law drove his ex-wife into prostitution in a bid to amass wealth quickly.

Israel DMW also disclosed that she failed to control him as she did her husband.

Raining curses on Sheila, Israel DMW stated that whoever she gets sexually involved with will die immediately.


His statement reads, “Sheila Courage; it will never be well with you morning and night. Any business in which you lay your hands as an influencer is cursed. That business begins to go into trouble immediately.

“Any man who touches you slumps and dies immediately.

“Let me also thank those who traveled far away to Benin to honor me. I can’t forget this day in my lifetime. You all must get justice.

“What happened in my marriage was never any case of assault, infidelity, or any form of abuse at all.


“It was a pure case of a mother-in-law wanting to extend the control of her husband to me, which I fully declined.

“A mother-in-law who saw her daughter as a quick means of getting rich rather than safety and rest.

“A mother-in-law who forcefully removed her daughter from a very safe marriage, sending her to Abuja to meet Ginika, a certified Abuja olosho who is using content creation as a cover-up to look for rich men in the name of influencing.

“Parents who keep saying they regret not giving out their daughter to highly respected Sen. Ned Nwoko, seeing the lifestyle of my darling sister Regina Daniels.”


The statement by Davido’s aide, which has sent social media into a frenzy, has attracted severe criticism from him.

Responding to the curses on Israel DMW’s ex-wife, a man simply identified on X as Tessi urged the embattled ex-husband to “move on” and stop being bitter.

“Israel has to just let go of this lady and move on because there are better things to do with your life as a man than cry over a woman who does not love you.

“With the little you have, you can marry another beautiful woman, even two women at once if you wish.”


Noting that the issue “is getting out of hand,” Bigg M. urged him to “take” the breakup “as if God used you to bless her and her family and uplift them from the shackles of poverty and wretchedness. Enough with the regrets.”

Accusing Israel DMW of “nagging,” a lady identified on X as D.I.P. alleged that it would be hell living with him.

Another X handler urged him to go for therapy, saying, “Please, this guy should go for therapy. Even if he’s the victim, he will begin to lose sympathy at this point.”

While another alleged that “We don’t need a soothsayer to tell us that this 70-year-old man was the problem in that marriage,” Greek Girl noted that he was yet to get over the heartbreak.


Kim Gee also berated him for allegedly orchestrating the crash of his marriage.

“Move on, oga. You loved her this much, but you blew up everything,” she said.

Urging Davido‘s aide to move on, Zawadi on X noted that no one is “irreplaceable.”

“The guy is still pained! When marriages crash, the person who suffered more was more and still in love with the other person.


“The dude should man up and move on. Nobody is irreplaceable,” Zawadi said.

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