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Jonathan Majors says he was ‘shocked’ by assault verdict



Jonathan Majors loses Marvel deal after domestic assault conviction

Jonathan Majors was “shocked” when he was found guilty of beating his ex-girlfriend, he said in his first interview after his conviction.

A New York jury convicted the actor of attacking British choreographer Grace Jabbari last month, and he is now awaiting sentencing.

He told repoerters that the episode was “confusing in many ways.”.

“I’m standing there, and the verdict comes down. I say, ‘How is that possible?” he said.

“Based off the evidence, based off the prosecution’s evidence, let alone our evidence, how is that possible?” he stated on the Good Morning America program in an interview that aired on Monday.


He stated that he intends to appeal his conviction for one count of third-degree assault and another count of second-degree harassment.

He was acquitted of two further counts of assault and aggravated harassment in a split verdict.

Following his conviction, the Emmy-nominated actor was dropped by Marvel Studios, where he has appeared in a number of films and television shows. He might face up to a year in prison if sentenced in February.

The crime occurred when Majors and Ms. Jabbari were in a car in New York, and she noticed a text message from another lady on Majors’ phone that read, “Wish I was kissing you right now.”

Prosecutors claim that once she snatched the phone, Majors grabbed her, pulled her arm behind her back, and punched her in the head to reclaim it.


Ms. Jabbari suffered a fractured finger, bruises, and a cut behind her ear.

Majors denied assaulting Ms. Jabbari and filed charges against her, alleging she was the one who assaulted him. Prosecutors claimed the case lacked merit.

Majors told ABC that he didn’t know how Ms. Jabbari was injured in the altercation.

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