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UK introduces stiffer visa rules to reduce migration



Cameroon, UK authorizes the shutdown of visa application centers in Nigeria

The United Kingdom (UK) has announced a new set of rules aimed at reducing migration into the country.

The UK Home Secretary, James Cleverly, disclosed the new set of rules on Monday on the floor of Parliament.

According to Cleverly, the United Kingdom is set to raise the minimum salary requirement for obtaining a skilled worker visa. Currently set at £26,000, the new threshold will be increased to £38,700.

Cleverly further stated that the implementation of the rules in the previous year could have resulted in a decrease of 300,000 migrants annually.

According to the home secretary, those coming on health and social care visas will be exempted from the higher salary threshold.


But overseas care workers will no longer be allowed to bring dependents—that is, their partners and children.

The implication is that if a UK citizen marries a non citizen, the new spouse will be unable to visit the country until they earn £38,700.

According to the reports, in 2022, the net migration in the UK, which represents the disparity between individuals immigrating to the country and those emigrating, reached a total of 745,000.

“We will ensure people only bring dependents whom they can support financially by raising the minimum income for family visas to the same threshold as the minimum salary threshold for skilled workers, £38,700,” he said.

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