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Sabby Phiri refutes infidelity accusations, says husband killed self over debt



Sabby Phiri Nathan Mithi, musician commits suicide over wife's infidelity

Sabby Phiri, wife of late Zambian musician Nathan Mithi, has refuted allegations leveled against her in her husband’s suicide note, accusing her of infidelity.

Chronicle NG reports that Mithi, in a suicide note, narrated why he was killing himself due to his wife’s promiscuity.

Phiri, on the other hand, disagreed with her late husband’s suicide note in a post titled “Beyond the accusations: The unseen reality of my story,” saying she had faced spousal abuse throughout her marriage and calling her late husband’s accusation “misguided.”

She stated that her husband’s death had nothing to do with the infidelity he accused her of but rather with his insurmountable debt, which contributed significantly to his sleepless nights and inner turmoil.

“Behind closed doors, I bore the weight of relentless wife battering, a painful truth that remained hidden for far too long. However, it’s crucial to unveil the concealed layers of our story—the ones obscured by accusations and social media narratives.

“It pains me to be implicated in my late husband’s tragic decision when, in truth, his struggles extended far beyond our personal conflicts. One of the overwhelming burdens he faced was an insurmountable amount of debt, contributing significantly to his sleepless nights and inner turmoil.


“Moreover, I was ensnared in a web of blackmail, coerced into silence about the abuse I endured. Threats of tarnishing my reputation and the ultimate ultimatum—”I will end my life and besmirch your name”—haunted me into keeping my suffering veiled.”

Continuing, Phiri said, “When I reached a breaking point and sought liberation from this cycle of torment, he unleashed the bombshell he had concealed for so long. I’m not seeking justification; I’m merely shedding light on the complexities that plagued our relationship.

“The people closest to me, witnesses to the truth I’ve endured, stand as testaments to the trials I faced behind the façade of social media perceptions. Their support and validation remind me that the truth, though obscured, is evident to those who truly know the reality I lived through,” she added.

Phiri begged the public to stop spreading her late husband’s story while seeking empathy, understanding, and recognition that the truth transcends the surface-level perceptions painted by external circumstances.

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