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Jack Grealish loses valuables to burglars



Jack Grealish has been billed to undergo medical for a potential Man City move on Thursday

Jack Grealish‘s mansion was raided by thieves on Wednesday night while his family was inside watching him on TV.

The Manchester City winger’s family was compelled to “press panic buttons” inside the house while he was playing in his team’s 3-1 win over Everton at the time.

Ten people, including Grealish’s fiancée Sasha Attwood, parents, two sisters, and brother, are reported to have been watching the game before being alerted by barking dogs and noises upstairs.
The family was forced to flee and hide for shelter inside the £5.6 million mansion Grealish had only recently moved into as police warned neighbors to lock their doors and remain put.

Fearing a hostage situation, police hurried to the location and even had a helicopter investigate the area, but the culprits managed to flee with £1 million in jewelry.

According to the source, “The family is really shaken. The gang took a lot of watches and jewelry.

‘They executed their raid when Manchester City were playing live on TV and all his family had gathered downstairs to cheer him on.

‘No one was injured, but there was a lot of panic. Everyone was terrified, as they were all so vulnerable.

‘It’s an enormous property, so it is understandable why no one heard anything at first. It was also the first time the family had visited, so they were unfamiliar with the property.


“When the dogs went mad and they could hear people creeping about, they pressed the security panic alarm.”

Grealish did run down the tunnel at the end of City’s 3-1 triumph at Goodison Park, which looked strange.

The England international played the entire 90 minutes as Pep Guardiola’s side romped past Everton on Wednesday.

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