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Israel-Hamas: Palestine seeks implementation of international law to end war



Israel-Hamas War: US, UK impose new sanctions on militants

The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdallah Abu Shawesh, has stated that only the right application of international law and convention can put an end to the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

He claimed that this would ensure Palestine’s sovereignty.

According to him, international rules and conventions have always favoured Israel, emboldening Israel to continue its “atrocities” against the Palestinian people.

Shawesh stated this while speaking to a team of select journalists in Abuja on Thursday.

The prolonged war, according to the envoy, has hampered the United Nations Security Council’s efforts to safeguard global peace.


He said, “The international law is what all the countries in the international community stand firm to maintain. Unfortunately, Israel, backed by some Western countries, sees itself above international law.

“When it comes to international law, it applies to African countries and the Middle East countries, except Israel. And this is because of the immunity Israel enjoys.

“I can tell you that the United Nations Security Council that is supposed to maintain world peace is completely paralysed when it comes to issues about Israel.”

Shawesh urged Nigerians and the rest of the world not to be misled by Israeli propaganda about the recent Hamas attacks.

He added that Palestinians, regardless of religion, are united in their opposition to Israeli “atrocities” against them.


He further stated that Palestinians would continue to protect their territories against Israeli occupation.

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