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IGR grows to N1.9trn as Lagos, Rivers, FCT top list



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Lagos, Rivers, and the Federal Capital Territory lead the list of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for the year 2022, with N651.15 billion, N172.89 billion, and N124.4 billion, respectively.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, a total of N1.93 trillion was created across Nigeria’s 36 states, including the Federal Capital Territory, in 2022 IGR.

According to NBS data, the states with the fewest resources are Kebbi (N9.1 billion), Taraba (N10.2 billion), and Yobe (N10.5 billion).

Pay As You Earn, direct assessment, road taxes, stamp duties, capital gain tax, withholding taxes, other taxes, and LGA revenue were also reported by NBS during the period.

The report said, “The NBS published the IGR report for the 36 states and the FCT for 2022. This IGR report contains the following key findings:


“The 2022 IGR had two major revenue sources namely; (i) Taxes (ii) MDAs’ revenue.

“Taxes sub-categories recorded in this period are PAYE, direct assessment, road taxes, stamp duties, capital gain tax, withholding taxes, other taxes, and LGA revenue.

“The 36 states and the FCT generated a total sum of 1.92 trillion as IGR in 2022. This grew by 1.57 percent compared to 1.89 percent in 2021.

“Like what was recorded in 2021, the leading states in total IGR during the year were Lagos and Rivers, as well as the FCT with 651.14 billion, 172.82 billion, and 124.36 billion, respectively.


“While the least performing states during the year were Kebbi, Taraba, and Yobe, with the value of ¦ 9.14 billion, 10.23 billion, and ¦ 10.45 billion, respectively.

“PAYE was the most contributing revenue source during the year, recording 67.6 percent of the total tax-generated revenues nationwide. While capital gains tax was the least in the year under review, with 0.24 percent of total tax revenue,

“Oyo, Lagos, and Jigawa states were the three leading states with the highest LGA revenue reported during the year. The states recorded 11.8 billion, 11.5 billion, and 8.7 billion, respectively.”

See the full list of states IGR in 2022 below:


1. Lagos – N651.2bn

2. Rivers – N172.8bn

3. FCT – N124.4bn

4. Ogun – N120.6bn


5. Delta – N85.9bn

6. Oyo – N62.2bn

7. Kaduna – N58.1bn

8. Edo – N47.5bn


9. Kano – N42.5bn

10. Kwara – N35.8bn

11. Akwa Ibom – N34.8bn

12. Anambra – N33.9bn


13. Ondo – N32.6bn

14. Enugu – N28.7bn

15. Bauchi – N25.5bn

16. Osun – N24.6bn


17. Sokoto – N23.6bn

18. Cross River – N21.1bn

19. Jigawa – N20.5bn

20. Abia – N20.1bn


21. Zamfara – N19.4bn

22. Imo – N19.3bn

23. Nasarawa – N19.3bn

24. Borno – N19.1bn


25. Kogi – N18.2bn

26. Ekiti – N17bn

27. Niger – N16.9bn

28. Benue – N15.9bn


29. Plateau – N15.9bn

30. Bayelsa – N15.9bn

31. Gombe – N13.6bn

32. Adamawa – N13.2bn


33. Katsina – N13bn

34. Ebonyi – N12.4bn

35. Yobe – N10.5bn

36. Taraba – N10.2bn


37. Kebbi – N9.1bn

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