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Atiku’s wife says Nigerians not supporting her pet project 



Amina Titilayo Atiku-Abubakar, wife of the former Vice President of Nigeria

The wife of the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in the 2023 election, Titi Abubakar, told Nigerians on Saturday how she was neglected and got no assistance because she is married to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Atiku’s wife said people have refused to support her pet project, the Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF), just because she is a spouse to the politician, business tycoon, and former Vice President of Nigeria.

She, however, said she would never be deterred by the development, as she was determined in her efforts to ensure the complete eradication of women’s trafficking and child labour across the globe.

Abubakar stated these in Abuja after being conferred with the Champion 2023 Leadership (Heart of Gold) Award by Champion Newspapers Limited.

There were many dignitaries present, including Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, a former governor of Delta State.


The women tracking and child labour eradication advocate said that she had been running the affairs of the foundation created by her some 24 years ago with the stipends provided for food by her husband.

Atiku’s wife thanked CNL for recognizing her relentless efforts in the fight against women’s trafficking and child labour.

Abubakar said, “I have been doing this job for 24 years, and nobody has ever recognized me. They have not called me for recognition, and I said to myself that I’m just doing God’s work and that my reward is in heaven.

“There was a day I put an advertisement in the newspaper saying that these children I’m taking care of are not my children but Nigerian children and that even if it is one penny, they should all contribute, and still nobody contributed anything.

“They said, after all, I’m Atiku’s wife. It is one thing to be married to Atiku, and it is another thing to have the passion to do what I’m doing. And because I had a passion for what I was doing, I continued to strive.


“When I was in the (Aso) Villa, I was feeding these children with the government’s food, and out of government, I’m still taking care of these children.”

She thanked all those working at the foundation, saying they have stood by her even though she doesn’t have so much money for them.

“I have been carrying this crusade for so many years. These people you see working with me—I don’t have so much money to give them, but they are working.

“Our children don’t only go through primary schools but also secondary and tertiary education. Two of them just returned from Nasarawa. They are graduates now, and here I am still standing strong”, Abubakar said.


She recalled how the formation of WOTCLEF led to the establishment of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking Persons.

She said, “I thank you all for coming, especially those who donated, because I have been doing all this all these years with my food money and the stipends my husband is giving me, and I’m happy to do it because I’m serving humanity.”

Abubakar hailed the organizers for not only recognizing her good work but also choosing to give her the coveted award.

She said, “It is my utmost pleasure and delight to be here today as a recipient of Champion Newspapers’ Leadership Award. I am the champion of champions today. Champion Newspaper, you are the only one that brought me out to come into a gathering like this and for people to donate to my cause and to the Nigerian cause, because these children are not my children and they are all over the country.”


“It is my utmost pleasure and delight to be here today as a recipient of Champion Newspapers’ Leadership Award 2023, conferred on me today in recognition of my relentless fight against the twin evils of human trafficking and child labour.

Atiku’s wife said, “through my foundation, WOTCLEF, I want to commend your initiative and organisational efforts, which have made it possible for this galaxy of notable men and women in our society to be under this roof today for this epoch-making event. I’m deeply touched, and I cannot thank you enough.

“The Champion 2023 Heart of Golf Award has further spurred my determination, inspiration, and enthusiasm and motivated me further to pursue this cause for humanity to a logical conclusion.” Atiku’s wife said.

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