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NNPP Crisis: Former national chairman Alkali quits party



NNPP Crisis: Former national chairman Alkali quits party

The crisis affecting the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has taken a new turn as Professor Rufa’i Ahmed Alkali, the party’s former national chairman, left the party, calling recent developments in the Party with factions fighting each other “really unfortunate and counter-productive.”

According to him, it became absolutely necessary for him to resign from the NNPP as a result of the party’s continued descent into avoidable crises and conflicts, which have resulted in numerous instances of the suspension and counter-suspension of important party leaders, a bitter press battle, accusations and counter-accusations, and regrettably, the factionalization of the party.

Alkali, a former Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) publicity secretary, said in a statement he personally signed yesterday that he had to leave the party because it had become so depressing, especially since there was no sign of an end to what he called this needless war of attrition. He added that it appeared that the warring factions had an unwritten agreement not to allow the party’s elders to mediate in order to prevent the crisis from getting worse.

“When on March 31st 2023, I offered my letter to step aside as National Chairman of the New Nigeria Peoples’ Party (NNPP), my prayer and hope then was that this was an opportunity for the party to move ahead and move fast to consolidate on the indisputable gains made so far during the last 2023 General Elections and prepare for the forthcoming elections that lie ahead.”  Alkali stated

“Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, the party has slipped deeper and deeper into avoidable crises and conflicts that have led to several cases of suspension and counter-suspension of key leaders of the party, acrimonious press war, accusations and counter- accusations, which regrettably has led to the factionalisation of the party.


“It is on record that within a period of less than one year and despite the limited time corridor from the merger to the General Elections, the party won elections in the Governorship, National Assembly and State Houses of Assembly seats.

Giving his reasons why he quit his position as the national chairman of NNPP, the former PDP spokesman said “However, I voluntarily stepped aside as the National Chairman of the NNPP shortly after the general election this year to give room for new hands and fresh ideas in order to advance the party forward. As far I was concerned, I never believed in the culture of sit tight in leadership positions nor that I was indispensable. The New Nigeria we all aspire to achieve must be built on the solid foundation of dedication, hardwork, resilience and personal sacrifice.

“However, the recent disturbing developments in the NNPP with the emergence of factions working against each other is really unfortunate  and counter-productive. Sadly, there appears to be no end in sight in this needless war of attrition. It seems that there’s an unwritten code by the warring factions not to allow Elders of the party to mediate to finding a lasting solution to the crises. This is indeed regrettable and unhealthy for the growth and survival of any political party, especially an emerging political party such as the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP).

“I wish to call on all my friends,  associates and supporters to remain calm and resolute while awaiting communications on future developments and our next direction.”

Recall that Alkali quit his position as the NNPP’s national chairman in March of this year, and six months later, he officially departed the organization.

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