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Mandela’s granddaughter allegedly pens 15 not allowed to attend her funeral



Mandela’s granddaughter dies of cancer aged 43

Zoleka Mandela, a granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, allegedly wrote a list of people not allowed at her funeral, including her ex-husband and those who sexually abused her.

According to Zimoja, a South African website, Zoleka kept a notebook in which she wrote down her thoughts and wishes.

She compiled a list of over 15 people she did not want at her funeral before she died.

Before her death, she wrote, “It will probably sound strange, but I am in my panic stages. I think I am blessed and fortunate enough to be in a position where I am in the planning stages. I am having conversations with my loved ones, lawyer, therapist, and siblings to discuss what happens on the day and after I pass away.”

“I do not want the following people at my funeral or near my dead body,” she added.


The list includes the names of her ex-husband and father of two of her children, Thierry Bashala, and Leeroy Andie Cana, the father of her last child, as well as individuals she claims sexually molested her, with a dot next to their names.

It read “FYI: These men sexually abused me!”

She then added others close to her to the list, including her sisters, father, and stepmother.

Zoleka died on September 25th, at the age of 43, following a long fight with cancer.

She was laid to rest in a private burial on Friday, September 29.

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