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Junta thwarts coup attempt In Burkina Faso



Guinea-Bissau army factions clash in capital after soldiers free opposition minister

Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the junta in Burkina Faso, that toppled a military regime to gain power, announced that there was a coup attempt.

According to a statement, the junta said an attempt by some army officers to seize power and plunge the country into chaos was thwarted.

“The dark intention of attacking the institutions of the Republic and plunging our country into chaos… Investigations will help unmask the instigators of this plot.”

“Officers and other alleged actors involved in this attempt at destabilization have been arrested, and others are actively sought,” read the statement from Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo, spokesman for the regime.

The Junta stated that it would investigate this plot thoroughly and that it regretted “that officers whose oath is to defend their homeland have strayed into an undertaking of this nature.”


It was stated that while four people had been apprehended, two were on the run.

The statement added that the regime launched an investigation based on “credible allegations about a plot against state security implicating officers.”

“We regret that officers whose oath is to defend their homeland have strayed into an undertaking of this nature, which aims to hinder the Burkinabe people’s march for sovereignty and total liberation from the terrorist hordes trying to enslave them.”

The junta took control following two military coups last year, which were provoked in part by a deepening insurgency by armed groups affiliated with al Qaeda and the Islamic State, which has destabilized Burkina Faso and its neighbours.

The junta’s head, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, seized control on September 30, 2022, the country’s second coup in eight months.

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