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Distribute free condoms to avert economic catastrophe – Murray-Bruce urges FG



Senator Ben Murray-Bruce urges Atiku, Obi, to accept the PEPT judgement and emulate the Jonathan doctrine

Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce has urged the incoming minister of health and the federal government to launch a free condom distribution initiative amidst the biting economic hardships in the country.

Murray-Bruce made the remark in light of Nigeria’s worsening economic woes, which have severely harmed the middle class and increased poverty levels.

In a Monday post on his verified Twitter account, the former lawmaker stated that ensuring access to contraception is a critical step in preventing a potential population explosion.

He wrote, “In light of the deepening economic challenges that Nigeria faces, which have gravely impacted the middle class and exacerbated poverty levels, it is imperative for the incoming Minister of Health or the federal government to launch a free condom distribution initiative immediately.

“Ensuring accessibility to contraceptives is a crucial step in mitigating a potential population explosion, particularly when the financially constrained majority may prioritise basic necessities over family planning methods. An ounce of prevention now can avert a looming socio-economic catastrophe in the future”.

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