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Taiwan probes police after teenager sexually assaulted in botched sting



Police nab man for robbery and rape in Lagos

Two Taiwanese police officers are being probed after a court found a man guilty of sexually abusing a teenage girl they employed to apprehend him.

After a man she met on an app tried to coerce her into having sex with him, the 13-year-old went to the officer.

Instead, she was dispatched on a sting operation to apprehend the man who had threatened to disclose her naked images.

The two officers who followed her are being charged with carelessness. The officer apologize for not protecting the girl.

The bungled undercover operation occurred in November 2020 in the northwestern city of Taoyuan, when the girl approached police and volunteered to assist in catching the individual who was threatening her.


However, her assault was only revealed during the trial when she informed Taoyuan District Court what her attacker had done to her, according to a police spokeswoman. Chang was found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to eight years in jail.

According to local media, the two cops from Zhongli precinct are being probed for a variety of violations, including negligence of duty as public officials.

According to Taoyuan-based lawyer Fan Kang-hsiang, there is presently no rule limiting whether officer can employ juveniles to go undercover in investigations.

However, under Taiwan’s Civil Code, persons who purposefully or negligently violate the rights of others can be sued for monetary damages.

According to court records, Chang promised the girl NT$5,000 ($159; £120) and threatened to post her naked images on the internet if she did not comply with his wishes.


When she reported the incident to Taoyuan police, she was recruited to be part of a trap to expose Chang. According to sources, she consented because she was guaranteed her protection.

She agreed to meet Chang at a McDonald’s location. Police said she “suddenly” jumped into Chang’s car, against officers’ orders. He drove her about 300 metres away and forced her to have oral sex. According to accounts, she consented out of fear.

According to a police spokeswoman, the two officers pursued him on foot but were unable to catch up with his automobile. Chang was apprehended after returning to the eatery.

While the inquiry is ongoing, the two officers have been given sole administrative police responsibilities.


Two higher-ranking officers were also penalized, including the then-chief of the precinct’s police department and the then-chief of investigation.

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