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Nigeria tops global unemployment ranking



South Africans looking for jobs advertise on the road

Nigeria tops the ‘unemployment ranking’ published by World of Statistics on Twitter.

According to the data of 48 countries collected, Nigeria is placed number one, having an unemployment rate as high as (33.3%).

The data has South Africa in second place with (32.9%) unemployment rate, Spain with (13.26%) in third place, Greece (11.2%) and Colombia (10.7%) in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Others are Turkey (10%), Iran (9.7%), Uruguay (8.8%), Chile (8.7%), Brazil (8.5%), Italy(7.8%), India (7.8%), Sweden (7.5%), Portugal(7.2%), Egypt (7.1%), France (7.1%), Euro area(6.5%), Pakistan (6.5%), Paraguay(6.5%), Venezuela (6.4%).

Argentina (6.3%), Austria (5.9%), Belgium(5.6%), Germany (5.6%), Indonesia(5.45%), China (5.2%), Canada (5%), Saudi Arabia(4.8%), Bangladesh (4.7%), Philippines (4.7%),UK (3.9%), Ireland (3.8%) Australia (3.7%), US(3.7%), Norway(3.5%), Netherlands (3.4%).

Others are Russia(3.3%), Mexico(2.8%), UAE(2.75%), Japan (2.6%), South Korea (2.6%), Denmark (2.4%), Vietnam(2.25%), Switzerland(2%), Singapore (1.8%), Thailand(1.05%), Cambodia (0.36%), and Qatar with the least unemployment rate at (0.1%).




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