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CAN Chairman accuses El-rufia of setting up Christians against Muslims



El-Rufai warns ECOWAS against invading Niger

Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State chapter, Rev. Joseph Hayab, has called on Nigerians on Wednesday, June 6, 2023, to ignore the  Islamization claims made by the state’s former governor, Nasir El-Rufai.

The CAN chairman further claimed that El-Rufai’s recent pronouncements regarding a Muslim/Muslim ticket, as well as President Bola Tinubu’s victory that silenced his opponents and CAN, were methods geared at advancing his supposed presidential ambitions and fostering divisiveness among Christians and Muslims in the country.

El-Rufai claimed that the Muslim-Muslim ticket would be run in Kaduna for at least the next 20 years. According to the former governor, Muslim domination is being replicated at the national level.

Rev. Hayab said, “Some of us that have known El-Rufai for saying this kind of thing, for plotting these kinds of issues and for masterminding these kinds of issues, many people thought we were just fighting or stopping him for something else. God has helped us for El-Rufai to come out publicly and make Nigerians know who exactly is El-Rufai.”

Hayab went on to say that El-Rufai is living in a fantasy in which he may play religious games and possibly become Nigeria’s next president.

Hayab said, “You know, since he (El-Rufai) is up to something, he is playing a game and what he would do is to confuse people and set up Christians against Muslims; set up Christians against the present government, and then he would stand to benefit from it tomorrow. Unfortunately, I will say to him, he has failed from the onset.


“With this, he has actually proved to Nigerians that he is not in the first place fit to be a leader and I think that is one of the problems in Nigeria. We give people power without testing their emotional stability whether they are mentally alright to lead”.

According to Hayab, if the Muslim/Muslim ticket had genuinely succeeded in Kaduna state, there would have been no massacres, division, or difficulties in Kaduna, despite the fact that no success was documented under his (El-rufai’s) administration.

Hayab said, “El-Rufai is fond of making these kinds of allegations and later turns to water it down. In 2015, he said that the Christians in Southern Kaduna did not vote for him, personally, l went to him and reminded him of the votes he got in Sanga, Jema’a, Kachia and other local governments where he got almost the same votes with the PDP and that ended the lies and argument and he apologised to me.

“In 2019, he needed 2/3 in the 23 local government areas and he could not have gotten it without the votes from the Christian dominated local government areas.


“El-Rufai is just talking about himself. El-Rufai has no respect for even the Islamic clerics, he is doing everything for himself to get what he wants and not about the religion of the people”.

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