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Lagos tops worst traffic cities in the world



Lagos tops cities with worst traffic

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city is the worst traffic city in the world in 2023, according to data published by World of Statistics and Numbeo.

In a study of 50 cities across the world, Lagos topped the list with 68.2 per cent of traffic on average one-way transportation time.

Lagos was followed by San Jose with 64 percent and Colombo with 61.8 percent. Los Angeles, Dhaka, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Sharjah, Nairobi, Manila, Tehran, Bangalore, Bogota, Mexico City, Istanbul, Jakarta, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, and Lima complete the top 20 cities with the worst traffic.

According to the Guardian, “a 2018 report showed that Lagos residents spend an average of 30 hours a week in traffic”.

“The gridlocks are so bad that some residents have built their lives around trading amid traffic”.

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In cities like Mumbai, it has 4.1 million automobiles on the road, which contributes to traffic congestion. Mumbai which now has the greatest car density in India, has 600 cars per kilometer of road.

Others cities in the worst traffic data include Moscow, Cairo, Sao Paulo, Guatemala City, Buenos Aires, Saint Petersburg, Chennai, Coimbatore, Shanghai, Recife, Bangkok, Pretoria, Detroit, Boston, Toronto, London, Pune, New York, Sydney, Belo Horizonte, Beijing, Miami, Kyiv, Cape Town, Seattle, Hong Kong, Karachi, Seoul, Amman and Hyderabad.

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