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I must be president of Nigeria, says Obi



PEPT Judgement: Tribunal rejects 10 out of 13 witnesses presented by Obi

Former Anambra State governor and presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the last general election, Peter Obi, has made a resolute pledge to Nigerians, declaring, “I am here to stay, not in a hurry to become president.”

Emphasizing his unwavering commitment to the country’s welfare, Obi stated that his primary concern lies in the process that brings leaders to office, rather than personal ambition.

Speaking at the unveiling of a book titled “Peter Obi: Many Voices, One Perspective” in Awka, Obi expressed his conviction that he would eventually assume the presidency of Nigeria, firmly believing that his purpose transcends freeing the nation from flawed leadership solely for the benefit of the elite. Instead, his mission is to usher in positive change for all Nigerians.

Emphasizing his commitment to freeing Nigeria from bad leadership, not just for the elite, but for every Nigerian, Obi said: “For three years, I was in court in Anambra to reclaim my mandate, just to challenge the process.

“Many people tried to discourage me, but I said even if the entire four-year tenure elapsed for us to prove a point and correct the process, I will be fulfilled,” Obi stated.


“My argument is that, let’s do what is right. I always tell everyone that I will not give people money to do the wrong thing. I have been the chairman of a committee; TETFUND committee, and Prof. Yakubu Mahmud was my member. We know one another, but when he became INEC chairman, I have never met him. I told him, you are an umpire, just do what is right.

“If you have the chance to do the right thing and you insist on perpetuating anarchy, then, it will consume everybody one day. I insist that we must do the right thing.”

Obi emphasized the need for Nigerians to cultivate a habit of doing the right thing and warned that failure to do so would eventually affect everyone. Undeterred by sceptics, he firmly asserted his conviction of becoming the President of Nigeria.

“Anyone who thinks I am on a transit is wasting his time. Let me tell you, I must be the president of this country. I am sure of that. If it is not today, it must be tomorrow,” Obi declared.


“Other people who want to be (president) should come and tell us what they want to do, and how to do it. This is my country, I don’t have dual citizenship. If anyone thinks I am going to run away from Nigeria, they are lying.” According to Vanguard Newspaper.

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