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Why Asake sings mostly in Yoruba



Why Asake sings mostly in Yoruba

Ahmed Oloade, also known as Asake, a Nigerian artist, has stated why he prefers to sing in his native Yoruba language.

The ‘Mr. Money With The Vibe’ singer explained that he sings largely in his own tongue because it is essential to him and many people understand it.

This was revealed by Asake in a recent interview with ABC News.

He added that listeners do not need to grasp the language in order to enjoy the music.

He said, “Yoruba is so important to me and there are a lot of people that understand it. And to me, the way I understand music is like it’s a feeling; sometimes you don’t even need to understand the language to enjoy the music.”


The singer said music is all about spiritual connection and vibing to the rhythm.

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