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Maiden all-female boxing tournament holds in Abuja May 1    



Boxing, Nigerian female boxer Ayisat Oriyomi shockingly leaves the ring

Everything is already in place for the first edition of an all-female boxing event, which will take place on May 1, 2023, at the Abuja Continental Hotel, previously known as the Sheraton Hotel.

This is part of an initiative to promote and highlight the abilities of female boxers in Nigeria.

Titan Sports, in collaboration with Senema Productions, is organising the “Boxing Meets Comedy” event.

A representative of Titan Sports, John Uzo Obi, said at a press conference yesterday in Abuja, “we’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to showcase the talents of these young female boxers, I’ve seen them box at the National Sports Festival, it was so beautiful, and when I got the opportunity to do something, I decided to start with boxing.”

“And people will wonder, as a handball National Team Coach, why didn’t you start with handball? There are a lot of lesser sports in Nigeria that people look down on, and the majority of them are female.” I went to see the Falcons play; they won 4-0, but the stadium was empty.


“So I felt my own way of contributing to letting the government know that females are a part of the sports industry is to do something and also create awareness for people to know that sports is also entertainment, which is why we put up this event that will bring comedy to meet boxing.”

Six female boxers will participate in three weight classes: featherweight, light welterweight, and lightweight.

Each fight will go three rounds, with a one-minute break in between.All female fighters will undergo rigorous pre-fight health exams and will be required to wear headgear throughout the bout.

The winner of the night’s battle would get N200,000 in cash.

Helen Joseph, a female fighter who spoke at the occasion, remarked, “My aim is not the prize because I am not thinking about that right now.” My goal is to win. Enter the green to combat and fire my abilities for success. I’ve been boxing since 2003, so this isn’t my first time.”


Boxing Coach Olapade Oladoson emphasised that enough preparedness for protection has been put in place, saying, “We can’t allow anybody going into the ring without being checked.” We do not want for casualties. We do not want to have casualties, thus we must make proper precautions.

“The medical team will examine them as they weigh in.” We will examine them, including taking their blood pressure.”Every aspect of health would be examined.”

Mrs Senami Ohiomokhare, Executive Director of Senema Productions, said that since her father was a Nigerian Air Force Boxer, Senema Productions opted to arrange the boxing event to promote the beauty, abilities, and elegance associated with ladies.

The event will include some of Abuja’s top comedians, headlined by Bernard Gbadamosi, also known as Koboko Master.

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