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2nd Niger, Loko-Oweto bridge completed by Buhari administration – Fashola



2nd Niger Bridge

According to the Federal Government, the Loko-Oweto Bridge and the 2nd Niger Bridge have been finished and will be commissioned and turned over to the incoming government by May 29.

Mr Babatunde Fashola, Minister of Works and Housing, stated this on Tuesday during a tour of the finished Loko-Oweto road and bridge in Nasarawa.

According to him, the workers vowed to finish the job by the end of March, and they kept their word.

“That is why we are here today.” The 4th of April is today. So, they suggested last week that they were done, and you can see as we passed each of the areas, all of which had our official report accomplishment.

“So, we essentially made the timeline we set; so we’ve kept to that timeline, courtesy of our contractors, as well as our staff, and I believe we deserve all Nigerians’ commendation for the work that has been done.”


“What remains on this project now is to send a report to the President’s Office to say that on this project, mission accomplished, and whatever date is then possible, to do a ceremonial handover,” he explained.

In addition, Fashola stated that the Oweto flyover spans the River Benue, whereas the second Niger bridge crosses the River Niger and is a North-South connection, whereas the River Niger is an East-West link.

“For example, if you come from the southeast and go through Otukpo to connect Nasarawa, instead of going through Lafia to Keffi, you can now pass Loko and exit at Keffi.” This cuts your travel time by about four hours.

“This flyover has improved business efficiency, reduced travel time, reduced travel costs, and, ultimately, ease of doing business.”

“There are two bridges here, the main bridge is 1.8 kilometres long.” As a result, it is 200 metres longer than the second Niger bridge’s primary span.


“Although the second Niger bridge consists of three flyovers, the total project length is approximately 2.6 kilometres.”

“The two flyovers here total 2.2 kilometres.” However, in terms of waterway passage, this is 200 metres lengthier than the Niger Bridge,” Fashola stated.

The minister praised the government for achieving growth that many African nations could not achieve in today’s economy.

“We should be proud to project these developments because they are the foundation of our future prosperity – connecting people, creating opportunities, facilitating trade, and promoting commerce and economic exchange.”


According to media accounts, SUKUK IV has financed over 70 kilometres of road connecting Benue and Nasarawa states, as well as 74 kilometres of road connecting Benue and Nasarawa into the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

In addition, Fashola stated that the Second Niger flyover would be available to traffic on May 15.

“We now have completion dates for the link road because the flyover itself is finished.”

“As of yesterday, the date we have for the connecting route that we officially opened to traffic is May 15. We are pulling out all the breaks to assist the worker in meeting that deadline.


“The President will be invited to the completion about two weeks before the end of the term, and he may be able to fly in and do the ceremonial on any day thereafter.”

“However, by May 15, the bridge should be fully operational.” According to Fashola.

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