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Simon Ekpa declares sit-at-home in Lagos



Simon Ekpa has continued to enforce the sit-at-home directive that has crippled economic activities in the South East of Nigeria

Self-styled human rights activist and spokesperson for the proscribed Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), Simon Ekpa has declared a sit-at-home in Lagos, hoping it will cripple the economic activities of Nigeria’s commercial capital.

The controversial Ekpa failed to implement the sit-at-home during the presidential and state elections despite vowing to disrupt the election.

In a series of posts on his social media, he claimed that the Igbo traders in Lagos were targeted and that it was time to show their importance to the Lagos economy.

In his divisive fashion, he wrote, “I have just watched another Igbo Biafra market in Lagos being burnt down in Balogun, Lagos today. I am very sad. Since after the election, Igbo Biafrans in Lagos and their businesses has been attacked and like I have said earlier, we can’t sit back and watch.


“As Biafrans in Lagos will be getting ready to return home with their businesses. To this end, we will activate sit at home for all Biafrans in Lagos.

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“This sit at home is targeted at crippling the economy of the Lagos state government, who’s body language has suggested to be directly responsible for the attack against Igbos.

“I therefore call on all Igbo market leaders in Lagos that we are ready to provide securities for all Igbo markets in Lagos pending when the businesses will be moved to Eastern region.

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“We will fortify all your market against attackers. The underground work will start immediately,” Simon Ekpa added.

He then explained why people should understand the action. “It is very important that you know the impact of Igbos sit at home in Lagos. The damage to Lagos state revenue will be immense.


“We will cut the economy of Lagos in response to the attack against Ndigbo which the state government is directly sponsoring and we will still maintain our income,” Simon Ekpa claimed.

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