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Patience Ozokwor reacts to comparison with Sola Sobowale



Patience Ozokwor reacts to comparison with Sola Sobowale

Patience Ozokwor reacts to comparison with Sola SobowalePatience Ozokwor and Sola Sobowale are two such actresses whose extraordinary acting abilities have captivated audiences.

Mama G and the King of Boys are undeniably one of Nigeria’s finest talents, and their stellar performances in film have enriched the childhoods of many African children.

Although they are both well-known for their sinister roles in films, particularly Ozokwor.

Recently, a Twitter user paired photos of Nollywood stars, asking the online community to choose who they loved more from all the pairs. “Patience Ozokwor or Sola Sobowale,” Abas tweeted.


The veteran actor who saw the post reacted in a manner that suggested she just took it lightly and had fun. She wrote

“My good friend and I are trending too! My people, my people we hear you. Only love here…”

Mama G is a seasoned Nigerian actress with more than three decades of experience. She is renowned for her talent for bringing her characters to life and making her audience identify with them.

For Sola Sobowale, having a strong stage presence and charisma have helped her stand out in the industry. Her roles in films like ‘The Wedding Party’ and ‘King of Boys’ have also cemented her reputation as one of Nigeria’s top actresses.

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